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Eagle’s Nest business patterns change

Hallie Carrino

September 19, 2014

With much talk of a university-wide debt crisis and budget cuts, many students are left wondering where Ashland University will look to make ends meet.One of the places that AU students have worried about is the Eagle’s Nest.  Thoughts of reduce staffing have made some nervous that the Nest might ...

Too many students don’t get enough sleep

Chris Beisel

August 31, 2014

A good night’s sleep is beneficial to your health. In fact, taking this for granted can have astonishing effects.Ashland University Lifetime Wellness Coordinator Laura Kruger explained that the appropriate amount of sleep you need at night varies with your age.“The younger the age, the more sleep on...

Income, experience offered at RentAStudent

By Justine Ackerman

March 1, 2012

Many students are more than just scholars; they are also waiters, librarians, clerks, resident assistants, cooks, bus boys; anything that helps bring in a little money. And with the economy, finding a job can be difficult. Morgan Dierstein, a native of Paris, France, was painfully aware of this as he...