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Goodwin will take his final bow

By Megan Wise

April 25, 2013

After twenty-nine years with Ashland University, professor Ric Goodwin will be taking his final curtain call as he moves onto his new role of retirement. Goodwin’s passion for the theatre began back in the first grade. His mother directed high school plays and he always attended plays with her. “I h...

Behind the scenes of ‘Bus Stop’

By Lindsay Cameron

October 11, 2012

Act I. “Lights up,” Emily Plank said into the microphone bud on her headset.  The audience is quiet. The lights fade on to reveal character Grace, played by Johanna Regan, trying to call out on a 1950s spiral-cord phone that is mounted to the wall behind the counter of Grace’s Diner.  No luck. The t...

Bus Stop charms with humor, heart

By Megan Wise

October 4, 2012

This review contains spoilers. Ashland’s Theatre Department of Bus Stop was the perfect remedy to escape for a few hours and be transported back to the 1950s. Walking into the Studio Theatre, I found myself in an old-style diner where vibes of relaxation bounced off the walls. Oldies songs filled the theatre ...

‘Of Mice and Men’ play portrays complexities of life

By Amanda Eakin

October 7, 2010

This October, AshlandUniversity’s Theater Department will be showcasing John Steinbeck’s“Of Mice and Men,” a novel-turned-play that delves into the natureof friendship and humanity.   Performances will be Oct. 15, 16, 22and 23 at 7:30 p.m. and Oct. 24 at 2 p.m.   The Oct. 22 performance will b...