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Amidst campus-wide defecits, facilities still on budget

By Justine Ackerman April 26, 2012

Ashland University’s Rick Ewing, vice president of facilities management, has a reputation for keeping his department and his spending on or underbudget. It seems to be a reputation that isn’t attached...

AU lights up twitter

By Justine Ackerman March 29, 2012

A public relations email glided into every student’s mailbox March 22 around 3:53 p.m. Instead of notifying students that parking lots were going to be closed or an emergency test system was being done,...

Memorable Moments: March 20 vs. Alaska-Anchorage and March 21 vs. Bentley

Memorable Moments: March 20 vs. Alaska-Anchorage and March 21 vs. Bentley

By Chris Bils March 23, 2012

The 2011-12 Ashland women’s basketball season has been one to remember. The team has won 33 straight games and will play for the national championship 8 p.m. tonight in San Antonio. Over the last three...

The Eagle's celebrate their 24th straight win of the season.

The other team in San Antonio

By Justine Ackerman March 23, 2012

SAN ANTONIO — As the two teams stood on the court, huddled together before the beginning of the Final Four game in San Antonio, the letters “A-U” already rang out from the crowd. Almost everyone...

AU chapter of Phi Mu closes

By Justine Ackerman March 23, 2012

Ashland University’s Phi Mu chapter will be shut down, effective May 5, after efforts to meet membership requirements failed. Phi Mu has been on AU’s campus for 44 years. “The decision to suspend...

US Under Secretary of Education speaks at Ashland

By Justine Ackerman March 23, 2012

United States Under Secretary of Education Martha Kanter stood in Jack and Deb Miller Chapel February 29, and spoke about how Ashland University was an “island of excellence” among American universities...


By Justine Ackerman March 23, 2012

Purple and gold streamers snapped against the trees they were tied to as gusts of wind and gossip blew citizens and students alike into Ashland University’s Kates Gymnasium the night of March 12. For...

Income, experience offered at RentAStudent

By Justine Ackerman March 1, 2012

Many students are more than just scholars; they are also waiters, librarians, clerks, resident assistants, cooks, bus boys; anything that helps bring in a little money. And with the economy, finding a...

Not only enchanted, completely swept away

By Justine Ackerman February 23, 2012

When the lights go down after a scene has been performed, the audience’s normal behavior is to applaud – applaud for what they have already seen, and to express their excitement to see more.   ...

‘Change only comes with challenge’

By Justine Ackerman February 16, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden patted the media on the back when he spoke at the Ohio Newspaper Association Annual Conference Feb. 9. "The American people need facts, no matter how inconvenient they can be,"...

A Vigil for Mitch

By Justine Ackerman November 17, 2011

Ashland University sophomore Mitch Ramsey is in stable condition in the intensive care unit at Grant Medical Center in Columbus after suffering severe head trauma around 4 p.m. last Saturday while on a...

“Paranormal Activity 3” is fun but lacks exposition

By Justine Ackerman October 27, 2011

When I walked into the Cinemark Theater in Mansfield to watch "Paranormal Activity 3," I instantly knew that it wasn't going to be the most enjoyable experience. And unfortunately, that had nothing to...

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