AU Live

Eagle’s Nest business patterns change

Hallie Carrino

September 19, 2014

With much talk of a university-wide debt crisis and budget cuts, many students are left wondering where Ashland University will look to make ends meet.One of the places that AU students have worried about is the Eagle’s Nest.  Thoughts of reduce staffing have made some nervous that the Nest might ...

4.0 a no-go?

By Andrew Hart

September 15, 2011

For incoming freshman, one of the main responsibilities they must focus on is studying twice as hard as they did in high school. Many of them are shooting for a certain G.P.A. during their first semester. Many are even trying to manage a 4.0. Which is why some students are shocked when their professors...

Moving in or moving out?

By Rosie Romp

September 15, 2011

Beginning the year at a completely new school is an exciting, yet terrifying, experience as a freshman in college. A perfectly normal phase for freshman is the wave of homesickness they feel as they enter a different, supposedly more grown up world than the safe environment of high school. Not to worry tho...