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Ashland Retains 1st Place in GLIAC South with Victory over Malone

Chris Beisel

January 18, 2015

The Ashland University men's basketball team maintained their hold on first place in the GLIAC South Division with an 80-61 win over Malone at Kates Gymnasium on Saturday. The Eagles, 11-5 overall and 5-5 in the GLIAC, remained on top for the entire game, first taking the lead minutes into it and mai...

Ashland divided: Mayoral debate held on AU campus last week

Zack Lemon

November 6, 2013

Mayor Glen Stewart met Kim Studeny Calhoon last Thursday in the Elizabeth Pastor Recital Hall for the first mayoral debate.  The debate focused on the city of Ashland’s finances, which is one of the biggest issues in this year’s election. The debate was an opportunity for the candidates to show thei...

Resources for research papers

By Kristen Yenny

August 15, 2013

You are sitting in class and your professor assigns your first research paper.  Your first reaction may be to groan and say, “How am I going to write that many pages or find that many sources?” Believe it or not, there are two places on the AU campus that can be tremendously helpful when writi...

Spring sports recap

Drew Windle holds up his first-place trophy at the NCAA Outdoor Championships this past spring. Windle took first place in the 800.

By Chris Bils

August 15, 2013

When all was said and done, 2012-13 was the greatest season in the history of Ashland University athletics. Women’s basketball brought home the first team national championship in school history. Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference championships were won in football, men’s track and field, women’...

Gazing into the future

By Chris Bils

August 15, 2013

All it takes is a few minutes with Ashland head volleyball coach Cass Dixon to realize she has lofty goals. She doesn’t even have to say what they are.Watch her roam the sideline sometime. To the untrained eye, she seems a nervous wreck. Her heels seem likely to dig into the hardwood, which judging by...

Four-year plan: making the daunting task easier

By Rachel Gollhardt

August 15, 2013

An important part of Ashland University’s Accent on Success curriculum is the four year plan. Within the first eight weeks of Accent on Success every student is required to develop and turn in a plan outlining their major and minor and the classes they have to take to fulfill both. It is important ...

The new Center for Academic Support

By Melanie Sudar

August 15, 2013

Advising is one thing that is very important during one’s freshman year, and this year Ashland made some changes to the system. Normally, students would be given a faculty advisor in the department that corresponds with the major they have chosen. However, now freshmen will be advised by one of four Pro...

More budget cuts

By Teresa Williams

August 15, 2013

Every year, the schedule for Orientation Weekend includes a picnic and involvement fair on the Founders Hall lawn Sunday afternoon before classes begin for the semester. However, this school year features a change from this tradition. Rather than taking place outside Founders, the picnic was cancelled ...

AU professor releases new theological book

AU Press Release

August 15, 2013

Dr. Peter Slade, associate professor of religion at Ashland University, is the co-editor of “Mobilizing for the Common Good: The Lived Theology of John M. Perkins,” a new book published this month by the University Press of Mississippi. In addition to editing the book, Slade contributed the introduction...

Surviving all-nighters

By Zack Lemon

August 15, 2013

The bitter yet refreshing smell of coffee lingers in the air. Empty green Mountain Dew bottles are strewn across the table, next to the half-eaten Nacho BellGrande and a crumpled up taco wrapper. A pitiful student is lying in a dazed and confused state next to a dead laptop beneath a tent of textbooks,...

Surviving Residence Life

By Ryan Sampson

August 15, 2013

The Ashland University Residence Life Office has kept a strict policy when it comes to living on campus. That policy has been enforced and practiced by the employees of Residence Life for many years.The goal for Res Life is for every student that lives on campus to have an equal opportunity to have a sa...

Unique roommates

By Alexis Robertson

August 15, 2013

Having an international roommate can seem intimidating to many American students, but the experience of living with someone from a different culture is an experience to cherish.Every semester, international students from around the world come to Ashland University to go to college. Some of these studen...