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Happy New Year: Resolving to be realistic

By Amanda Eakin

January 19, 2012

I propose a toast: here's to the New Year as well as an awesome semester at Ashland University! I resolve to work out every day, cut down the caffeine, get more than an average of three hours' sleep, continue to bulk up my résumé by adding at least four more activities to my schedule, fit in more t...

The most wonderful time of the year?

By Amanda Eakin

December 1, 2011

Truly it is an act of masochism when I decided to go shopping on Black Friday. At least experience has taught me to wait until the afternoon to get a jumpstart on my Christmas shopping. I will never be a part of the red-eyed masses huddled in front of the gate to a store, especially just to snag a cou...

The art of writing a college paper

By Amanda Eakin

November 17, 2011

There are always givens while one barrels through the AU "college experience." It is a given that you will get into at least one fight at the Financial Aid office, it is a given that you will snag at least one parking ticket, and it is a given that you will gain at least ten pounds from a heavy Convo diet ...

Ashland “Someplace Special” Ohio

By Amanda Eakin

November 10, 2011

The time had finally come when I could walk into Lotus, the newest contribution to Ashland's meager offerings, and order sushi. I was beyond thrilled that such a contemporary, culturally-embracing restaurant had managed to establish itself in such a rundown town. After all, there are times when I thi...

Let’s get seasonal!

By Amanda Eakin

October 27, 2011

Some may say that the wheel is man's greatest invention, or even TV. Or some may argue that the printing press is definitely up there (which clearly is not a widely-held belief since The Collegian is deprived of printing weekly issues - but that's an aside). Yet others have proposed more options: mod...

Money makes a student’s world go ’round

By Amanda Eakin

October 20, 2011

Why do college kids choose to work in conjunction with their staggering course load? Some would say it pays for groceries if you are off the meal plan (like me), it helps pay for additional college expenses (such as textbooks) or it pays for gas for the times you need to get out of your shoebox dorm, ...

The common denominator between alcoholics and Gleeks

By Amanda Eakin

September 29, 2011

At what point can one say that an addiction has gone too far? I will say, with unwavering pride, that I am a Gleek-or, to the woefully uninformed, a diehard fan of the TV show "Glee." Oftentimes I tell people that I don't have time for TV, that I am far too busy to sit down and watch a show for even th...

I battled a dragon…and won

By Amanda Eakin

September 22, 2011

It was at 6:35 in the morning when my worst nightmare came true. Half-conscious and delirious, I stumbled into the kitchen of my apartment and flicked on the light, cringing at the sudden explosion of brightness. I had to be up early for my teaching field experience and I needed coffee, stat. But as ...

Enter the World of Wal-Mart but tread softly

By Amanda Eakin

September 15, 2011

I do not like children. There, I said it. Particularly the tiny tots who have recently learned that yelling is quite an effective tool in annoying the general public. The last time I went to Wal-Mart, all I could remember was the howling child in a nearby stroller, being occasionally shushed by a disint...

Breaking out “The Method” … (maybe)

By Amanda Eakin

September 1, 2011

"Miss. Excuse me, Miss." I turned around, mildly alarmed by the hand that was placed on my arm to catch my attention. "Huh?" The impatient eyes of an AU bookstore employee seared into me. "No bags back here. You need to place your backpack in one of the cubbies at the front of the store." She tossed ...

Student Spotlight: international student Soisangwan finds success in first book deal

Soisangwan, who is simply known as “Pop,” is thinking about writing another book in the future. It may possibly focus on intercultural communication as well.

By Amanda Eakin

April 28, 2011

The determination required to study abroad may be impressive, but international student Patcharporn "Pop" Soisangwan's ability to get her first book published at such a young age is worthy of just as much recognition. Soisangwan first came to Ashland University in 2008 and will be graduating in May to obtain her ...

AU’s Concert Band ventures to Chicago

Josh Payne stands in front of sky-reaching towers in Chicago.

By Amanda Eakin and Rob Woodward

April 28, 2011

Back in early April, Ashland's Concert Band took 60 students to tour in Chicago in hopes of impressing its audiences as well as attracting attention from possible recruits. "The concerts were quite successful," Leonard Salvo, AU's band director said. "We performed for a wide variety of audiences." Be...