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A new “birdie” joins the Eagles

Senior Megan Pollock working on her chip shot at practice

Niko Scarlatos

September 20, 2019

Transferring from one school to another is always tough for the individual making the change, especially as a student athlete. Choosing to leave your former teammates and then attempt to fit in well with your new ones is always a challenge. While most may shy away from a task like that, senior Megan...

40-plus years of golf expertise come to AU

Grabiec poses for a picture in front of the recreation center

Paul Murray, Reporter

September 4, 2019

Gene Grabiec sits on the porch at Silver Lake Country Club, untucks his polo and spreads himself out in a chair. He pulls a half smoked cigar out of his bag and lights it up, the first toke is a long one. It was an extensive day out on the course, from the rampant humidity of the July afternoon to...