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AU theatre alumni collect 102 signatures to display career success

Theatre Alumni

September 4, 2020

Letter to the editor This letter is written and sent on behalf of the undersigned alumni of the Ashland University Theatre Department in response to President Carlos Campo’s quote in the news article regarding the phasing out of twenty academic programs.  In the article published on July 27, 2020 ...

Building conditions may explain sudden sunset

Samantha Eron

September 4, 2020

Letter to the editor On July 22nd, Ashland University announced its intention to build an athletic center whose estimated cost is $9.98 million. Three days later, the same institution announced the sunsetting of 20 academic programs, gutting the foreign language and theatre departments. My question...

Sunsetting of majors reflects “no confidence vote”

Julia Hines

September 4, 2020

Letter to the editor On Friday, May 15, AU’s Faculty Senate almost unanimously approved a vote of “no confidence” in Dr. Campo’s abilities as president of the university. Faculty Senate President, Dr. Bonfiglio, wrote that Dr. Campo has “repeatedly demonstrated an inability or unwillingness ...

Student speaks out for accountability

Cincere Freeman-Jones

September 4, 2020

Letter to the editor  In the midst of all the events that have taken place this summer and the creation of the “dearashland” Instagram account, I have taken a deep look into my own experiences while attending Ashland University through a different lens. As I look back at my time spent at Ashlan...

Applegate’s time cut short at AU

Tricia Applegate

September 4, 2020

Letter to the editor If you haven't heard, my position was one of the four eliminated within the department of theatre last spring. Personally, I am grateful for many reasons, but my heart aches deeply for my former colleagues, the students and especially the alumni. I have worked for Ashland Unive...

Cards “stacked against the theatre department”

Nik Demers

September 4, 2020

Letter to the editor The “sunsetting” of the Ashland University Theatre major is something that deeply saddens me, but unfortunately does not surprise me given the way that the Theatre Department has been treated by the Administration over the years. I am a recent graduate of the Theatre program ...

Ashland’s misplaced priorities

Owen McManus

September 4, 2020

Letter to the editor             Ashland University is currently dealing with a severe case of misplaced priorities. Announcing the construction of a $10 million athletics complex the same week as they announce the sunsetting of 20 academic programs is laughable. The fact that our board can d...

Behind the Gavel: A Look Inside a Student Senate Presidency

Senators with bears from Fall 2019 Student Senate Teddy Bear Drive.

Sabrina Maristela

April 23, 2020

OP-ED In light of the Student Senate elections that are happening right now, and the very difficult 3-way election for executive president in particular, I’m offering these personal thoughts on the position. (The following are personal reflections and are not the official reflections of the o...

AU Student Senate adds Officer of Diversity and Inclusion

Reina Britt, Student Senate PR Officer

October 20, 2019

On Sept. 24, the Ashland University Student Senate passed a resolution that created a new position: an Officer of Diversity and Inclusion. This position’s purpose is to give a voice to the diverse student population of AU. With the help of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Student Senate came...

Memories of Dr. Ajwa

Professor Daniel McDonald

September 6, 2019

I first met Dr. Iyad Ajwa through his role as chair of the faculty development committee. He seemed then to be a thorough, thoughtful colleague, capable of navigating the unique complexities of diverse faculty interests against a backdrop of limited resources. Despite announcing policy changes that...

Tribute to Dr. Iyad Ajwa

Dr. David Aune

September 6, 2019

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of Dr. Iyad Ajwa, a highly skilled, faithful, inspiring and dedicated member of the Ashland University faculty. In what follows, I will share some personal reflections of what he meant to me and to the larger AU community. Although we came...

Ajwa’s impact from a student’s perspective

Kelly Fullin

September 6, 2019

I met Dr. Ajwa when I was a senior in high school visiting potential colleges. At the time I was undecided but leaning towards majoring in digital art or math, and met with Dr. Ajwa because he was department chair for math and computer science. While I told him at the time I was unsure and leaning...