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Ashland University offering free flu shots for students, faculty and staff

Ashland University Student Health Center Nurse Patty Owens gives a flu shot to a student.

Alayna Ross

October 20, 2020

Ashland University will be offering free flu vaccinations by appointment for students, staff and faculty. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise and with cold and flu season quickly approaching, this year’s flu vaccination is more important than ever. Although social distancing, wearing a mask, an...

Preparing to vote: Voice of a new generation

The new


October 19, 2020

American eyes and ears were turned to the television as both presidential candidates, President Donald Trump and democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden, took the stage for a debate on Sept. 29.  Throughout the two-hour long back and forth duel, there was an initial feeling of anx...

I’m voting for Joe Biden

Scout Weber, President, College Democrats

October 19, 2020

I will be voting for former Vice-President Joe Biden in the upcoming election because he is a leader for the people. He has set himself as an example and a representative for the American people, and I truly believe that he would dedicate his presidency to the middle class and to the majority. If you wat...

I’m voting for Donald Trump

Joe Beaver, President, College Republicans

October 19, 2020

“The Pursuit of Happiness” The degradation of American politics began when we started looking at figurehead politicians to solve our problems; we no longer assumed our rightful place to better our communities by our own hands. There was a time when we did not shout to the skies about the woes of ...

Safe Haven partnership to strengthen Title IX resources on campus

Safe Haven partnership to strengthen Title IX resources on campus

Alayna Ross

October 19, 2020

Ashland University announced that is will be combining forces with Safe Haven of Ashland, Ohio, and will be applying a $10,000 Strengthening Partnerships Grant from the Ohio Department of Higher Education to bring awareness, education and proven forms of sexual assault prevention to the AU community....

AU sophomore creates sexual assault advocacy group “Elevate”

Elevate provides survivors of sexual violence a healing and supportive environment with a group of peers.

Leah Burtscher

October 19, 2020

While AU is working to better their response to issues regarding Title IX like with their pairing with Safe Haven of Ohio, some still believe that there is room for improvement. Sophomore history and political science major Reina Britt has taken matters into her own hands and created her sexual assault...

Barnet for State Representative for the 70th District


October 19, 2020

Kevin Barnet came from New York and has 15 years of experience working in a union, as well as five years working in management. 14-years ago, he moved to Ohio, opened a bed and breakfast (which lasted for five years) and is now working in insurance for Allstate. However, he has decided to run against...

AUTV 20 prepares for live election coverage

Nathan Langdon and his team created this logo to appear on air during the live election.


October 19, 2020

While focus is set on the national election, local candidates and ballot issues are becoming more and more important. As college students are now of age to vote, paying attention to who candidates are and what they stand for can make for a lot of research. The Journalism and Digital Media department...

Rehearsals for Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” begin

Zoe Bogarty

October 19, 2020

Coming soon to Ashland University’s Hugo Young Theatre, several members of the student body will be participating in an upcoming performance of a Shakespearean comedy, called “Twelfth Night” on Nov. 5 through 8. The play was chosen to be more accessible for both audience and cast members with...

Coronavirus concerns prompt removal of spring break from university calendar

Empty hallways will not be the case this spring at AU as students will not have spring break.


October 15, 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic remaining as a public health concern and Ashland County’s recent upgrade to the level three ranking, Ashland University is taking steps of caution to keep its faculty, staff and students safe; starting with removing spring break from the 2021 academic calendar.  On...

Bible studies come to dorms to bring students together in faith

Bible studies are based on what dorms students live in order to follow COVID guidelines

Jordann Lopata, SPORTS EDITOR

October 15, 2020

Interested in getting involved religiously on campus? Every week campus ministry offers dorm based bible studies for anyone interested in growing with their faith. In these studies, any Ashland University student can attend no matter what your religious affiliation may be.  Graduate student Eliza...

Robinson achieves international business internship

Robinson at his internship at the Bionix Development Corporation’s headquarters.


October 13, 2020

Today, students across the nation strive to gain real, professional experience in the workforce before they graduate college. Sometimes these positions are very difficult, but give students the necessary qualifications to graduate as well as real-world experience within their major.  Brett Robinso...