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  • November 12DeWine announces potential closure of restaurants, bars, fitness centers in Wednesday press conference
  • November 6Russian leader, Putin, plans to step down next year, but denies claims of Parkinson's disease
  • November 6Biden holds a lead of 264 over Trump's 214 electoral votes as of 11 a.m.

Mayor Matt Miller

Matt Miller, Mayor of the city of Ashland
October 17, 2020

  Ashland’s mayor has positive thoughts about the upcoming election and is confident that Ashland residents will make sure their voices are heard. “We have already seen here in the county...

Darrell Kick, 70th District State Representative

Rep. Darrell Kick is running for re-election for the 70th District.
October 5, 2020

  Darrell Kick is the State Representative for the 70th District, which includes Ashland County, part of Medina County and part of Holmes County. He is running for re-election and is making...

How We Feel…and can help

This is the first thing you will see after downloading How We Feel and putting in your information, if you choose to.
April 15, 2020

Interested in how your community is feeling, but don’t want to leave your safe, sanitized bubble? How We Feel is an app that health professionals are using to “track and fight the virus,”...

Safe Haven offers stalking awareness training workshop

Safe Haven offers stalking awareness training workshop
February 4, 2020

On Jan. 23, Safe Haven hosted a Stalking Awareness Training at the Ashland Public Library that lasted from 5:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.. This beneficial event was free and open to the public. This...

Ashland University library hosts inaugural escape room

November 14, 2019

The Ashland University library hosted their first ever escape room on campus late October. Located on the fifth floor, the mystery of the disappearing librarian captivated many students on campus to...

Ashland County Fair wraps up for the year

Ashland County Fair wraps up for the year
September 22, 2019

While strolling around the fair, which ran from Sept. 15-21, there were many different forms of entertainment and educational opportunities happening for the community. Among the forms of entertainment...

Fake news and how to avoid it

April 24, 2018

Fake News is one of the hottest topics and can now be interpreted as more than political issues. The main message that Dr. Bree McEwan drove home was for all journalists to be good researchers. “Be...

CAS Spotlight: AU Faculty Senate Leaders

November 7, 2014

In this edition of the CAS Spotlight, Ashland University's Faculty Senate President, Dr. Gordon Swain and Vice President, Dr. Jeff Sikkenga discuss recent faculty cuts and the fiscal state of AU. The CAS...

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