Delta Zeta: “A mission for lifelong sisterhood”


Submitted by: Delta Zeta sorority

Bid day 2019 with DZ roommates Juliet Touma and Taelor Norris.

Grace Scarberry, Reporter

Imagine being a woman overwhelmingly dominated by a male population with a need to better society and one’s self. 

Now imagine being fortunate enough to find five other women with the same goal. 

Delta Zeta was first founded by six women with a mission for life long sisterhood and cherished ideals at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in 1902. 

At this time Alfa Lloyd, Mary Collins, Anna Keen, Julia Bishop, Mabelle Minton and Anne Simmons overcame the challenges of furthering this sorority on a male dominated campus.

Today, Delta Zeta has entered countless colleges and universities and annually welcomes new sisters.

According to President of Delta Zeta, Jade Harris, Delta Zeta Theta Psi was established at Ashland University on November 20, 1965. 

With their philanthropy being hearing and speech, sisters of Delta Zeta have the opportunity to travel to third world countries to help fit individuals for hearing aids.

Harris claims this is one of the things that makes their chapter unique. 

“Our bond within our own Theta Psi chapter and chapters everywhere is so genuine and real because we all want the same thing; to help others with raising money for our philanthropy,” she said. “We are all unique in our own ways, and that is what makes Delta Zeta, Delta Zeta.” 

They also have several other philanthropic pursuits such as the Starkey Hearing Foundation, Serious Fun Children’s Network, Gallaudet University, and a local organization Sertoma Club. 

Juliet Touma, secretary of Delta Zeta, shared why she chose this chapter.

“I had an instant connection with all of the girls,” she said. “I felt at home and instantly I knew I could belong here. I knew that I could be celebrated with all my flaws and that I would be loved. It was the best decision I ever made.”

For students who are not members, there are still ways to get involved.

Attending philanthropy events, donating money, and sharing flyers on social media are all ways to help any fraternity or sorority on campus.

“Even if you want to come hangout with one or a few of us, do it,” Harris said. “Just because we are a part of a sorority does not mean we are only friends with our sisters. Any of our sisters would be happy to make a new friend, grab some coffee, or even come to the suite to watch a movie.”

Fraternity and Sorority Life is beyond important to many individuals. 

Harris shared that it gives each woman a chance to shine. 

A group of Delta Zeta’s celebrating a sister’a fraternity lavaliering. Starting with the front row from left to right: Amy St. John, Juliet Touma, Maryn Jett, Emma Albrigo, Hannah Witteman. Back row left to right: Katelyn Morgan, Kristen Machado, Jordan Krugman, Megan Kucharski, Daniella Engelmann, Bristol Hantchze, Sophia Lowe, and Reina Britt. Submitted by: Delta Zeta sorority)

“You get to speak up, give your ideas, and be a part of something bigger than yourself,” she said. “You gain lifelong friends, memories that will always be remembered, great leadership skills and an overall life changing experience.”

 According to Harris, the lessons learned from being involved in FSL, especially Delta Zeta, carry on beyond college life and into careers and other real-world experiences. 

When considering joining a sorority, Harris says they would be lucky to have that person, but she would never say any sorority is more deserving than another.

“As a Delta Zeta, I would never say, you should pick our chapter over another because all the chapters on this campus are amazing,” she said. “Someone picks their chapter based on what they feel most connected to, and if that is Delta Zeta, then we would be lucky to have that person.”

Harris and Touma agree, Delta Zeta is home away from home for many. 

The chapter plays a big role in the lives of girls from all over the United States, including Colorado, Nevada, and Michigan. 

“The passion we have for our values, philanthropy, and sisterhood is unparalleled to any other organization I’ve seen,” Touma said. “We are truly a great group of individuals that, when they come together, create something extraordinary.”

Delta Zeta is full of unique women who have a strong bond of love, Harris said and Touma agrees.

“Delta Zeta looks for individuals who believe and love our values of friendship, curiosity, belonging, empowerment, citizenship, and generosity,” Touma said.

Although each girl joins for their own reasons, Harris shared the obvious reason for why they all stay. 

Sorority virtual bid day with big, Juliet Touma and little, Reina Britt. Submitted by: Delta Zeta sorority )

“Their love for each other, philanthropy, service, and values shines out each and every one of them,” she said. “Our chapter is filled with honest, genuine, and caring sisters who all joined for different reasons, but stayed because they found a forever in our chapter. We grow together, we cry together, we laugh together, we encourage and motivate each other and we work hard to get things done together.”