Darrell Kick, 70th District State Representative


Retrieved from: ohiohouse.gov

Rep. Darrell Kick is running for re-election for the 70th District.



Darrell Kick is the State Representative for the 70th District, which includes Ashland County, part of Medina County and part of Holmes County.

He is running for re-election and is making strides to get his name out to college students.

The coronavirus has pushed virtual traffic to Kick’s Facebook page, though Kick is still responding to letters and taking calls.

Kick bases his political views and philosophy on certain goals and beliefs.

“The Second Amendment is always being attacked, I didn’t realize the First would be attacked. That’s frustrating. It’s hard to say what you really feel because you’ll be canceled,” Kick said.

Social Care is another special topic for Kick, especially fostering and adoption. Kick and his wife were foster parents. They have also helped with respite care, which is short-term relief for the primary caregivers of children, and have assisted in caring for children who age out of the foster system.

“As frustrating as it is in public office, I feel like I am called to be here. I have not regretted it one bit,” Kick said. “I love serving people and being that voice of reason.”

What does Kick believe, and what are his goals when elected?

  • Stay within the state and federal constitution.
  • Kick is a firm believer in the First and Second Amendment. He does not want to see those rights infringed upon.
  • Believes that the 17th Amendment should be upheld (U.S. Senators are appointed).
  • Agriculture (water quality programs), families and small businesses are very important.
  • Education should also focus on tech and vocational training after high school.