Campus Shield: Monitoring COVID-19 at Ashland University


Lydia Bice

AU junior, Alex Whipple, prepares his campus shield badge before heading into the Rec Center


As Ashland University students have made their return to campus, they are required to complete a COVID-19 self-assessment every day before class, work or any other day-to-day activities. 

This self-assessment tool is featured on the Campus Shield app, an application that was already being used by the university for emergency calling and other safety services.

On the Ashland University instagram page, AU safety services director Dave McLaughlin explained the purpose of Campus Shield and how to use it. 

“This fall the university requires that all faculty, staff and students download the Campus Shield smartphone app which is available for free at both the app store and google play,” he said. “In addition to its regular features, Campus Shield now has a COVID-19 assessment tool which allows you to self screen for symptoms of the virus.”

All students, faculty and staff are required to complete the self-assessment each day, which self screens for symptoms of the virus and verifies that they have not been in contact with someone who has a confirmed case. 

Junior sport management major, Joel Ciccarelli, believes that the campus shield app will truly benefit the health and safety of his peers.

“The campus shield app is a great way to be sure that our campus is a safe place to learn this semester,” he said. “I complete my campus shield app questions as soon as I wake up in the morning before class.” 

This self-assessment tool lists all of the major COVID-19 symptoms and if the student, faculty or staff member do not have any, they are then taken to a screen that asks if they’ve been in contact with a confirmed case of the virus. 

If the AU community member is symptom free and has not been exposed to the virus, the app gives them a green badge stating that they can carry on with their daily activities. McLaughlin stated that students may have to show this green badge to a professor, supervisor or at the AU Rec Center. 

“You must complete the daily assessment, the results are confidential and not monitored. If you are symptom free, the app issues you a badge showing you have successfully completed the assessment,” he said. “You may be asked to show this badge by an instructor or supervisor. If you have reported symptoms, the app will provide you steps for follow up care. Campus Shield is easy to download and use. It’s another step we’re taking to be stronger together and safer together.”

Senior early childhood education major, Alexandra Raphael, appreciates the use of Campus Shield in her daily on campus life. 

“I update my COVID self assessment before I head to the Rec to workout everyday! I like that it makes me check myself everyday to ensure I’m being safe for my peers,” she said. 

The daily assessment on the Campus Shield app will remain a constant in the lives of AU students and faculty as long as COVID-19 remains a threat to our world. 

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