Faculty Art Comes to Coburn Gallery

Ingrid Schmidt

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Coburn Gallery is hosting the Ashland University Art Faculty Exhibition now through February 19.

The show includes art made from a variety of different mediums by AU art faculty members Keith Dull, Priscilla Roggenkamp, Daniel McDonald, Cynthia Petry, Michael Bird and Janis Mars Wunderlich.

The show is a good way for Ashland University students and the wider Ashland community to interact with the art faculty, Gallery Director Cynthia Petry said.

“Since we are really the only art space still in Ashland, it’s a great opportunity for artists from the Ashland Art League, also from the Ashland Photography Club, and artists that may be working on their own to come in and see professionally exhibited work,” Petry said.

Much of Petry’s art is based on vintage magazines and how they portray women.

“Many of the issues are still relevant to women, maybe in different circumstances,” Petry said.  “I think this idea of being equal still comes into play.”

Daniel McDonald, chair of the art department, has two sculptures in the show.  One of his works is about his children while the other piece is about division he said.

The piece about his children is very personalized and includes personal artifacts such as casts of his daughter’s hands.

“I’m hoping they get a sense of creation; there are little baby teeth in each of those jars,” McDonald said.  “Those are my kid’s first teeth they lost.”

However, McDonald wants visitors to take their time to think about the art in different ways.

“I don’t expect people to get anything in particular out of it,” McDonald said. “I hope that they get something out of it.

 “I encourage folks to come out and see the exhibition,” Petry said.  “And bring their classes to see the work.” 

Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.