How We Feel…and can help


Interested in how your community is feeling, but don’t want to leave your safe, sanitized bubble?

How We Feel is an app that health professionals are using to “track and fight the virus,” according to the Apple App Store.

One aspect of this app that makes it special is pairing awareness with a major act of kindness: for every new sign-up, Feeding America will donate a meal to someone in need. As of April 15, 229,982 meals have been donated.

How We Feel works in collaboration with Pinterest, Feeding America and Alex’s Lemonade Stand (a foundation for childhood cancer).

This app uses studies and researchers from Havard T.H. Chan – School of Public Health, IQSS – The Institute for Quantitative Social Science, McGovern Institute and Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), just to name a couple.

It is important to know who makes this app possible: volunteers. They make up a huge part of the development of this app.

For you Pinterest-lovers, Ben Silbermann (CEO and co-founder of Pinterest) and his wife Divya Silbermann are seen all over the Contributors list.

Checking in with the app takes 30 seconds. Quite a doable task while brushing your teeth, binging Netflix, eating take-out, lacing up the dusty work-out shoes, waiting for Blackboard to load, or before reading a wonderfully written AU-Live article to support your school.

Not only will you be helping to flatten the curve and provide data for scientists, but you will also be feeding someone who is not as fortunate as others.

They might not have a safe and sanitized bubble to go back to, but they will know where their next meal will come from.

Go to for an in-depth look at the scientists and volunteers working to end this worldwide pandemic, and even make a donation.