Impacts on the nursing program


The other branch of the Eagle family is feeling the sudden changes of the University too, as they worry about labs and clinicals. With classes now online due to Coronavirus, some are finding it hard to change their learning from the classroom to online.

“Personally it has been a hard transition for me,” junior Leigha Tansel said. “I have found it difficult to organize myself and force myself to sit down and actually do the work without the in-class setting, but I am working on that and am figuring out ways to help myself stay organized.”

Laura Gilmore, Clinical Assistant Professor and Simulation Center Director in the College of Nursing & Health Sciences, stressed the fact that even though classes are online, faculty are doing everything they can to make sure students are continuing to advance their education.

“…all of our clinical and labs have been switched to a virtual environment,” Gilmore said. “If the students need to be observed to evaluate their psychomotor skills, that will happen at a time to be determined.”

“Zoom is our friend right now,” junior Rebecca Reynolds said.

One of the main worries students have is graduating on time. As students are required to complete a set number of credit hours, and even more is required for nursing students, the question of graduating on time is not far-out.

“We are required by the Ohio board of nursing to have a certain number of hours working hands-on with patients and it is super stressful having to worry about how we are going to make up those hours and if we will still graduate on time,” junior Kourtney Teage said.

Just like the rest of the campus, keep updated by checking your email and staying in touch with your professors.

“Our dean has done a wonderful job keeping us updated and supporting us during these challenging times,” Gilmore said. “In addition, all faculty, staff, clinical education staff, and adjuncts are rallying together and supporting each other tremendously. I have a great group of coworkers.”