University implements two-step Google process

Seth Ho

Ashland University sent out an email on Feb. 24 and stated that staff and other faculty are going to be requiring a two-step authentication process for their Google accounts.

Students are encouraged to also enroll in the authenticator as a safety measure.

This authenticator is set up with an extra step that only the user can access. The authenticator message can be sent to phones or tablets.

AU has released a video on how to set-up the two-step authenticator to answer any questions students may have.

If the link through the email cannot be accessed, the video can be found on the AU video mediaspace website. Just type in “How to set up Multi Factor Authentication” in the search bar.

Though this may be an inconvenience, due to the user having to go through an extra step to log in, it is still very important to keep accounts safe.

Any extra issues concerning the two-step authenticator, make sure to contact the Ashland IT department at