Rocking’ & Rollin annual food show comes to AU

Hannah Witteman

The annual food show at Ashland University returned this past week on Feb. 6 in Upper Convocation Center.

To change things up this year, the event was themed, “Rocking’ & Rollin,’” and in the middle of the room were tables set up with rolled themed foods, such as: sushi, wraps and rolled cake.

Throughout the event, students were handed a booklet when they arrived with every food item that would be offered. From there, they could choose what they would like to see in Convo.

Not only were students able to give their opinions about the foods, but they were given the chance to win prizes.

“When students turn in their survey booklet, they’re entered into a drawing” Fred Geib, General Manager of Dining Operations said. “We have a bunch of Pepsi products, giveaways, backpacks, gift cards to various restaurants and gas cards to give out.”

“Every staff member helps to put on the show,” Geib said.

In order to plan this event, it takes a few months to get entertainment, decorations and vendors booked and set up.

“Our primary vendor is Gorden Food Service, and they have brokers who represent food. Those brokers come in and bring any new items that are out in the market that we haven’t seen yet,” Geib said.

Some new foods that were at the show included chicken and cheese taquito as an enchilada, starbucks drinks, gluten-free cauliflower pizza crust and vegan breaded avocado slices.

“I am a vegetarian and it’s very difficult for me to eat on campus other than pasta and salad, so I am excited to have more options,” freshman nursing major Vivian Jones said. “There are people like myself who are limited to the food they can eat and it’s good that the school wants to improve on their options.”

The goal for this event was for students to have the chance to eat something other than what’s normally at Convo, as well as to voice their opinion on how food at Convo could improve.

“Our biggest thing is to find items that we can incorporate, not only in student dining but all of our areas on campus,” Geib said. “Whether it’s newer items, healthier items or options students can pick from. It’s something different from just Convo.”

This annual event has been a tradition for around 20 years now and Geibs hopes to continue this tradition.

“There are new diets and food trends happening everyday, and to implicate that into student’s lives is important,” Jones said.