Student’s art exhibit focuses on health

Hannah Witteman

Ashland University’s Coburn Art Gallery will display be holding an event to show off some of the senior painting major, Kiana Ziegler’s work on Thursday, Nov. 21 starting at 4:30 p.m.

Since she was little, Ziegler has always had an interest in art. During high school, she started thinking about making it her career

“A lot of encouragement from my high school teachers, a lot of them gave me extra projects to do around the school and everything, and I thought a lot of it was really cool,” Ziegler said with, “So I just decided at some point that I just wanted to go for it”.

A fair amount of the work Ziegler produces revolves around health. She has dealt with health problems and wants to connect with her audience in a way.

One artist who has inspired Ziegler is 90-year-old Yayoi Kusama, an artist who is still producing art to this day.

When Kusama was younger, she once worked so hard and so long that she didn’t eat, sleep, or drink water. The only reason she stopped was when she passed out three days later, Ziegler said.

Although Kusama goes to the extreme with working on her pieces, Ziegler is still fascinated with how dedicated the elder artist is.

“Even though my work is nothing like her work, nor do I necessarily strive to be someone who works until they collapse,” Ziegler said. “I think that there was something and something just clicked in my head that allowed me to go into this direction.”

While some may not understand why some study art, Ziegler has high hopes for herself and has always believed that she will succeed.

“There are definitely days where I am like, ‘Oh I cannot do this’ but you just have to keep making. Sometimes give yourself a break and stop looking at the thing,” Ziegler said.

Ziegler’s time at AU has given her a support system in a way where her professors have given her the push she needs to be a better artist and then also be there when she does need a break.

Among those who have helped her through her time at AU is a professional instructor of art and design Michael Bird. Like Ziegler, Bird has had a love for art from a young age and has seen how unique Ziegler’s art is.

“What fractures and morphs us as people individually always informs us as artists and makes our work uniquely essential. Kiana has allowed her work to reflect everything she has been through and is richer for it,” Bird said.

Ziegler’s exhibit will be opened from Thursday, Nov. 21 to Saturday, Dec. 14. For more information, email [email protected]