Strong start for AU’s tennis teams

Mason Jones

Fall sports are underway, and that includes the Ashland University Men’s and Women’s Tennis teams, as both teams are starting the fall season off strong. The women’s team has a record of five wins and only one loss, with three wins on the road.

The women’s team still have their starting lineups from the previous spring season, as well as the two freshman players who have stepped up and helped to contribute to the team’s success.

“Everyone is very trusting of each other,” senior Brianna Bridicka said regarding the team’s chemistry.

“We have this new confidence that we haven’t really had in the past and it’s great to be a part of that since we are really coming together as a team on and off the court as the support has been really helpful, as you know that the team is always behind you win or lose.”

Brdicka, one of the two seniors on the Women’s Tennis team, is very confident in her team as she has spent all four years at AU and knows what it takes to succeed, and they have succeeded very well since their season began on Sept. 7.

“The challenging part is playing in singles since you are on your own on the court and everything is on you, but having that support of your team behind you makes you feel relieved, as there are other girls that are out there giving it their all as they are not playing their match for themselves, as this is about all of us together as a team.”

As well as the Women’s team has played, the Men’s team started their season strong too. The AU Men’s Tennis team began their season on Sept. 13 and 14, as the team won four main brackets of play.

“Tennis is an individual as well as a team sport, so you’ll have an individual record, but that record corresponds with the record of everyone else on the team, and that makes up the team record,” Sophomore Stuart Bridicka said.

The Men’s team has yet to begin dual match play, as their dual match season is in the spring. The Eagle Men have their own individual records rather than having a team record.

The Eagle men will overcome individual challenges as they make their way through the season, and try to finish their first half of the season strong, so they can begin their dual match challenges in the spring with a force to be reckoned with.