Ashland University library hosts inaugural escape room

Chante Rutherford and John Margida

The Ashland University library hosted their first ever escape room on campus late October. Located on the fifth floor, the mystery of the disappearing librarian captivated many students on campus to find her and her love for Alexander Hamilton.

Acquisition librarian Sarah Thomas was the head of the creation of the activity and wanted students to have fun due to finals coming around the corner.

“I have been reading a lot of literature about escape rooms and also I was thinking of fun ways to come to the library and be stress relieving,” said Thomas.

Thomas and the rest of the library staff came together to create the story of the missing librarian back in August.

Each group had 30 minutes to figure out where she disappeared. Using clues based around books, cats and her love of historical figure Alexander Hamilton, students worked their way around the study room and surface up items such as statues, hidden messages and pictures.

Plans for a second escape room are in motion for the upcoming semester.

“We are taking the data we have currently and are using it to create our spring version of it. It will be towards the middle of the semester so students will have their schedules figured out,” said Thomas.

Thomas used this experience to interact with the students around campus since her office is located downstairs on the ground level.

41 students participated in the room and there were eight groups total. Out of the eight, three groups succeeded. The fastest group escaped within 15 minutes.

Thomas and staff are in the works of creating the new escape room. If you have any ideas, email Thomas at [email protected] .