AU welcomes new sustainability club

AU welcomes new sustainability club

Submitted by Tracy Morgan

Hannah Witteman

Each year, there are millions of pounds of waste dumped throughout the world. 

This year, Ashland University has brought the first sustainability club to campus to spread awareness about the amount of things people throw out without realizing the side effects it has towards the environment.

“It was made to bring environmentally conscious thinking to campus and try to promote greener options throughout the campus,” president Tracy Morgan said. 

The sustainability club offers many opportunities for students to become aware of how much waste they create and how to do better when helping the environment. 

Each week the club meets to talk about how to promote healthier living styles. 

“We meet at 7 p.m on Wednesday nights,” Morgan said. “Everyone is welcome, and there is no commitment, so bring friends.” 

For some, this club is more than just getting to know how to be less wasteful. 

“I joined this club because I want to be a part of something that makes a difference,” sophomore Molly Gregory said.

One thing that the club does is that they don’t advertise with flyers, or anything that is on paper. 

“We decided to go paperless because we found that to be kind of counter-intuitive for our club’s goals,” Morgan said. “We have a flyer that we’ve been sending to professors that they’ve been showing before classes and sharing with their students.” 

The club uses all social media forms as well as a form of advertising.

Their Instagram and Twitter is “@AUGOGREEN” and Facebook page is “ashland university campus sustainability.”

In today’s news, global warming has become a topic that some may talk about. With  wildfires, hurricanes, and more, reducing waste can help a lot. 

“A big part of the problem is that consumers aren’t aware of the effect the product they’re buying has, so I think just being a conscious consumer would help a lot,” Morgan said. “Our club is really great and different because it is promoting an initiative across campus but it’s also across the community”. 

Although changing people’s living style can take awhile, starting off small can help a lot. 

“Sustainable living starts small, and is more attainable than people think. Everyone can make a difference, big or small,” Gregory said.

For more information about how to have a more sustainable lifestyle or how to join the club, people can contact Tracy Morgan at [email protected]