Kevin Foeman’s 100th career win



Head Coach Kevin Foeman during the match

Niko Scarlatos

For the head coach of the Ashland University volleyball team, Kevin Foeman, it has certainly been a fun journey reaching such a great milestone of one-hundred wins.

Foeman was just recently able to pick up his 100th career win as the head volleyball coach. Wherever Foeman has gone, his teams have succeeded and that has continued to be proven in his time here at AU.

In almost two full seasons at the helm, Foeman is 47-13 — all after rebuilding a struggling Lake Erie program prior to his arrival.

Something about coaching at AU has a very special feeling to it. Even for Foeman, it brings back a lot of memories.

“The school itself reminds me of the school I went to in college,” Foeman said. “The student body size, the beautiful facilities and I love the small town feel.”

Ashland Athletics as a whole also has a history of winning.

“One of the main attractions was the success of the athletic department as a whole and that means the expectations are high,” Foeman said.

Reaching any big milestone will always feel good, but for Foeman it was not necessarily the milestone itself that meant the most.

“It didn’t mean as much as the video the girls made for me and all the kids that I have coached who were willing to send something. Hearing what they had to say about me meant a lot,” he said.

As a head coach, one of the biggest keys is getting your players to buy in and for Foeman, it is important that the team creates and maintains a very strong bond within.

“He really emphasizes team bonding,” sophomore Erin Kruparn said. “Whether it’s playing laser tag last year or going to a pumpkin patch this year.”

Another key quality a coach must have is always being passionate, and that is the word Krupar used to describe her head coach at Ashland.

“Besides our regular time at practice, he is always willing to come in no matter what time it is, he is always willing to help us get better. The amount of work he puts into coaching really shows through our preparation and performance on the court,” Krupar said.

For Coach Foeman coaching volleyball has always been a passion of his as he continues to do what he loves, while working at the best to his abilities.