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A time for friends, a time for giving: Friendsgiving

November 8, 2019

Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and that sweet, sweet pumpkin pie mark a special time of the year — Thanksgiving. What was once remembered as the days we pretended to help out in the kitchen by dumping different ingredients in the bowl, we now experience in a whole new light.
College is that awkward time in between being an adult with a career and being a kid who still relies on their parents for every little thing. We have relied on them to make Thanksgiving meals for the past 18-plus years and now it is time to break out the apron and oven mitts and get down to cooking for ourselves.
All this pressure on college students and young adults can be a lot, so naturally it is better to have friends around. That is how a new spin on the classic Thanksgiving holiday, called Friendsgiving, was started.
Friends gather from all around to visit each other for a new holiday tradition where everyone can enjoy the company of each other without hearing the usual conversations of politics and family drama. Everyone also contributes a dish for a massive Thanksgiving feast, which is typically celebrated before or after the actual holiday.
For many friends that do not see each other much outside of college, or want to catch up in their adult life, Friendsgiving unites them for one day out of the year. It stands to be a day that friends can forget all of the stress of college and careers and get together to eat.
In the spirit of giving, Friendsgiving is one of the most beloved holidays by millennials now. What can we credit to the success of the day other than the impeccable organization and collaboration though? Pinterest.
So for anyone wanting to host and make their Friendsgiving successful and jolly, here are the steps for a flawless day:
It starts with the turkey. Determine who is going to be responsible for the bird, and make sure it is a trustworthy friend who knows their way around an oven. This is the most important part of the meal for a majority of the population and requires the most patience.
The person cooking the turkey is typically the host as well, because that bird has to cook forever.
Second, get those sides dished out! Set up a group chat and add all of your friends so you can keep in contact about the event and progress on food. Give the group a list of dishes to choose from to ensure all of the necessary foods are covered.
Important note: do not let the slackers bring a cheese platter.
Next step, drinks! If you and your friends are all of age, make sure you get a complimentary wine with your dinner, or if you prefer something reminiscent of your childhood, opt for some sparkling juice.

When all of the important things are done and covered, you can move on to the location. The hosts’s house.
Find a banner or make your own banner that says, “F R I E N D S G I V I N G.” This secures the legitness of the event.
For an added effect, decorate with pumpkins, leaves, namecards, turkey cutouts and a glorious centerpiece.
While guests enter, it is your job as the host to arrange all of the food in a nice, organized manner. People want easily accessible foods.
Last but not least, enjoy yourself! The event was made to spend time with your friends and let loose. Do not stress about the small things. No event can be perfect, and if you are among friends no one will even notice.
In the end, there really is only one more step to make sure your day is perfectly planned out: Pinterest. Gain more food inspiration or find out different ways to decorate, but make sure you are having fun while doing it.

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