Greek life’s lip sync event returns

Madison Graver

Fraternity and sorority life’s annual lip sync event is set to return this Sunday, Nov. 10 in the Hugo Young Theatre. Tickets are five dollars and all of the proceeds will go to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

For those unfamiliar with the event, lip sync involves each of the sororities and fraternities on campus performing rehearsed dances to songs of their choice while lip syncing to those songs. This has been a popular event among those in FSL as well as for other students who enjoy watching their friends perform.

Despite the fact that the event seems very light-hearted and whimsical, it actually takes a decent amount of preparation for individuals like Juliet Touma, the vice president of programming for the Panhellenic Council here on campus.

“This means that we put together all the stage practices, get someone to do the lights, have the tickets printed off and sell them, etc. Basically, anything that goes into planning an event, we do,” Touma said.

One of the most important aspects of the event is that all proceeds will be going to St. Jude, which is the FSL philanthropy. The money will be coming from ticket sales, lip sync t-shirts and any other donations made.

While the concept of lip sync has been around for a while, this will be the first year that the event will have hosts.

“I am excited to see our hosts take this event and soar with it,” Touma said. “This is the very first year we’ve ever had hosts which is very exciting.”

Along with the amount of organization the event requires, an equal amount of preparation is required by the sororities and fraternities to prepare themselves to perform.

Maureen McKeown, one of the special events chairs for Delta Zeta, said she and her co-chair have been preparing for this event since last spring. But despite all of the time that planning takes, the final outcome makes it all worth it.

“I honestly love every moment of lip sync,” Mckeown said. “All the practices where we are just spending more time together and working on something great is so fun.”

McKeown also promises that those in the audience will have just as much fun as those up on stage.

“Lip sync is truly an amazing time, whether you are on stage or not,” she said. “When you are in the audience you get to feel the energy and see how amazing every sorority and fraternity are when they are working together to create something magical.”

For Rylie Weber, special events chair for Alpha Phi, this event is something that she’s been looking forward to ever since she saw her sister participate in it a few years ago.

“I’m just really excited to see everyone’s ideas,” Weber said. “I really like lip sync and I remember before I joined, my sister was in Alpha Phi and I went to her lip sync and I just remember thinking that if I ever join a sorority this is what I want to do.”

Touma promises that lip sync will be an adventurous ride from start to finish and stresses how valuable the event is for those in FSL life.

“It is something that all the chapters look forward to in the fall because it is really fun to get up on stage and dance your heart out,” Touma said. “It’s a stress reliever because you can pour all your emotions out on stage, and you can truly see all the hard work that goes into each performance.”