Plans for 2019 winter commencement

Hannah Witteman

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The 2019 Ashland University winter commencement will be held Saturday Dec. 14 at approximately 9:55 a.m.

Many soon to be graduates prepare for plans after graduation and for commencement being just around the corner.

“My plans are to find a job where I can use the things that I learned from my majors,” Alyssa Kocoves, senior and political science and history major, said. “I’m nervous and scared because I am graduating before most of my friends and so I feel like I’m not fully ready to like an adult life”.

This event will feature Brandon Chrostowski, founder, president and CEO of EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute located in Cleveland Ohio.

Chrostowski helps former inmates by offering jobs in culinary and hospitality industries which can lead to networking for long-term uses.

President Carlos Campo and faculty chose Chrostowski to speak to students and their families and friends for many reasons.

“There was a strong sentiment that his story and work with prison reform align with our values and goals—especially with the expansion of our correctional education program” Campo said.

The commencement will be followed by a luncheon held in convo.

Each graduate will receive a ticket for themselves and two guests at no charge, however, for additional guests the tickets are $17.50 for adults, $7 for children under 10, and will be free for children under three.

The menu consists of romaine salad, fruit bowl, chicken, pasta and more.

“It is recommended that you purchase your tickets in advance by returning the enclosed form with your check by Dec. 6 or by going to,” Communications Manager Steven Hannan said. “Tickets will be returned to you by mail.”

If graduates send in ticket requests after Dec. 6, they can pick up their tickets on the day of commencement in the lobby of upper convo.

The best of luck goes out to all the soon to be graduates from this semester, congratulations.

“We hope that they [students] have learned all they need to ‘discern their life calling and thrive.’ For us, these are graduates who are prepared for work and life, reflecting our values as they ‘work, serve and lead with integrity’” Campo said.

Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.