Lieutenant Governor of Ohio coming to AU

Jordann Lopata, SPORTS EDITOR

The Ashbrook Program will be hosting a Major Issues Lecture Series Luncheon with special guest, Ohio’s Lieutenant Governor, Jon Husted, on Oct. 22 at 12 p.m. in the Myers Convocation Center.

The Ashbrook Program has been hosting luncheon and colloquium events for over 35 years, which have been a success. These events are the most publicly recognized and widely attended events put on by the Ashbrook center.

The luncheons are a great education tool for undergraduate students in the Ashbrook Program, as well as to high school students looking ahead possibly considering the Ashbrook Program.

At these luncheons, students and community members have lunch, and converse with donors and peers. Then, students and guests are able to ask the speaker questions after the presentation.

In a private scholar session, Ashbrook Scholars go to the Ashbrook center directly following the events and have a question and answer session with Lt. Governor Husted in a more personal setting.

Ben Kunkel, student programs director, said, “We believe that conversation is a critical part of education, and events like this provide our students with a unique opportunity to participate in a discussion with a prominent actor in the political field.”

Husted was elected to serve as the 66th Lt. Governor of Ohio in November of 2018. Husted leads the Ohio Common Sense Initiative, and serves as the Director of the Governor’s office of Workforce Transmission, and InnovateOhio. He also served as Ohio’s secretary of state from 2011-2019.

“This series invites elected officials as well as prominent journalists and academics to share their thoughts on matters of public policy and civic interest,” Kunkel said. “Given Mr. Husted’s position in Ohio’s state government, we thought he would make for an interesting speaker both for our students and the greater campus community.”

Husted has done a lot of notable things for the state of Ohio, including making Ohio the least costly state in the Midwest to begin and maintain a new business. The Ashbrook Scholars look forward to hearing him speak.

He can offer them insight on many things, like how it is his goal for Ohio to become the best state in the Midwest to do business.

Kailyn Clarke, junior and Ashbrook honor cabinet member, said, “I always look forward to hearing the responses to the questions we ask him especially during the scholar sessions as they are often insightful and offer insight on the world of history and political science today. All of our speakers take and answer the questions really well even though sometimes they are surprised or caught off guard by the depth and complexity of our questions.”

If interested in this event, you can read more information about Lt. Governor Jon Husted at