This picture was taken only seconds before Luke Smallbone gave my roommate and I high fives as he walked through the audience singing “Never Give Up”. (Gracie Wilson)
This picture was taken only seconds before Luke Smallbone gave my roommate and I high fives as he walked through the audience singing “Never Give Up”.

Gracie Wilson

For King and Country: A college concert experience

October 13, 2019

Everyone has their favorite musician or band, and for me, it is no different. Whenever someone asks me this question, I do not hesitate to say that my favorite music comes from for King and Country.

I like their music so much, that when I found out their world tour was coming through the US, I was over the moon. I have seen them live before, but wanted to see them tour their new album, Burn the Ships.

I was sitting with my roommates one day talking about how I wanted to see them perform, but when I looked at their schedule, none of their shows were in Ohio.

This was super disappointing because I love their music so much until one of them suggested that I go to one out of state but still kind of close. Then she suggested, why don’t we all go?

From that moment on, the for King and Country experience took off. I made a countdown and marked off the day’s one by one until we would load up the car after class and hit the road for Indianapolis.

The only struggle with going to a concert out of state was the cost of doing so on a college student’s budget.

The tickets were the bulk of the cost. We decided that we could all swing paying for seats that were not on the floor but also not in the top section of the arena. We got the tickets for about $50 each once we accounted for fees on Ticketmaster. This is a good portion of money for a college student, but the results were unforgettable.

Instead of paying for food on the road, we decided to save money and bring our own. All four of us that went have an AU meal plan, so we got some premade sandwiches from Eagle’s Nest and a whole bunch of snacks for what was going to be a four-hour road trip.

The day had finally come, Oct. 4 had arrived, and everyone was in high spirits. We all rushed back from classes and jobs, hopped in the car and were on our way. Traveling with friends is one of my favorite things to do because the car is always full of so much energy. We turned on a five-hour playlist of throwbacks and made our way for Indianapolis.

The trip took us through Ashland, Columbus, Dayton and finally to Indianapolis. The concert started at 7:30p.m. and we made it into the city at 7:00p.m. After getting our car parked and finding the arena, we found our awesome seats and waited for the show to start.

The arena was buzzing with activity before the show even started and I was feeding off of the environment. Everything was so exciting. To think that we had just been on campus five hours ago and were now sitting and waiting for my favorite band to take the stage was incredible.
After what felt like ten years instead of ten minutes, the lights dimmed, and the crowd began to cheer. I waited for what was coming next with the most anticipation I had ever felt. Then suddenly it started, the first notes coming over the speakers and the word “Amen” being sung in perfect harmony by for King and Country.

The show started with the two brothers of the band holding small lanterns until the music picked up and the stage was alight with brightness and the energy emanating from the band.

Before seeing the band perform in Indianapolis, I had seen them three times prior and never fail to be blown away. The difference this time was that my roommates had never seen for King and Country before. I was almost more excited to watch them at the concert and see it all for the first time than I was for myself.

The concert carried on as they played more and more audience favorites and my roommates, and I sang our hearts out to each number. Just when we thought that nothing could top that very feeling, something did.

During their concerts, for King and Country is known to walk around through the crowd, taking selfies with fans and giving them high fives. This wasn’t something I had ever experienced at a concert of theirs as I always sat too far away, and upon finding our seats I thought it would not be a possibility this time either.

My roommate and I watched as Luke Smallbone walked through the section next to us, started climbing over chairs into our section and walk through the row right in front of us. As he sang through the uplifting chorus of “Never Give Up” he walked right in front of us and gave us a high five and a big smile. I turned to look at all of my friends, smiling so much that my face hurt, and they were looking at me the same way.

The concert continued through the night as they played all my favorites from “Burn the Ships” to “Priceless” to “The Proof of Your Love.” I felt so close to my friends as we sang along with the band, worshiping God with one another.

The concert ended all too soon and all that I could say was that I left the arena in awe. I felt so much closer to my friends and God through this experience. This concert is sure to be one that will live on for years between the four of us and I know I will always remember singing until my lungs feel like they will give out.

I am excited to see this band live again and will hold on to that awestruck feeling and amazing high five until the next time comes.

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