Celebration for Every Individual set for Homecoming week

Brooke Young

Ashland University’s Alumni Association will host The Celebration of Every Individual in conjunction with Homecoming Weekend festivities on Oct. 12 in the John C. Meyers Convocation Center.

Featuring limited seating and costing $15 per person, the event will feature dinner, activities and a cash bar.
Welcoming back previous alumni, faculty, staff and friends to share their story of AU through picture, video and audio stations is the primary goal of this event, said Jeff Alix, director of institutional advancement and alumni advancement. The alumni association has embarked on an “ambitious goal” of collecting 1000 stories of AU by 2020.

One of the reasons Homecoming remains a prominent tradition on many college campuses, according to Alix is that it is, “an opportunity to welcome alumni back to their alma mater and highlight what is going on and giving them the physical space to reconnect.”

“The work that the alumni association is doing in fundraising and engagement initiatives called the campaign for every individual aligns closely with accent on the individual, which is a culture and feeling that has been a part of Ashland for decades,” Alix said.

Ashland University alum and current graduate student, Matthew Mayer, said the culture of AU has had a strong impact on his life both personally and professionally. Another AU alum, Melissa Kemery, an accountant, echoed the same sentiment, saying that being an alum of AU has impacted her life professionally, serving as an ice-breaker in conversation and a networking opportunity.

“Being an active member in alumni events, professional events around the area, and amongst social media are key tools in growing your brand, your knowledge, and keep you on the map,” Mayer said.

As Alix mentioned, linking the past, the present and the future of Ashland University is a prominent motivation in why the alumni association holds events. Because Ashland has what Alix refers to as a culture which focuses on every individual, keeping these alumni engaged is key.

“A student body that is eager to learn and discuss new ideas” and “a student body that is ever building, working, and growing,” are a few of the many reasons for AU alumni to keep in contact with one another throughout the years, Mayer said.

Melissa Kemery said that alumni events, such as the Celebration of Every Individual, keep alumni “engaged” and inspire them to “reflect on AU with pride.”