Student job opportunities on campus


AU Career Services

The Career Services Center help students write their resumes and cover letters, as well as hold mock interviews for those wanting to practice for an upcoming meeting. They are located on the second floor of the Student Center.


Ashland University seems to be notorious for having a lot of jobs open for students all-year-round. This being said, I have noticed many differences this year in regards to those jobs. It breaks down to this: students are simply not jumping at job opportunities (mainly work study) anymore.
Why could this be?
Well, economically speaking, we should always be grateful for work when it comes up, but work study jobs are different.
Schools control how much they can give you and how much you can make in a year- this is based on financial need, and it helps pay some of the expenses of school. Basically just books.
Every little bit helps though, especially while trying to pay off extra expenses. Work study jobs are especially helpful since they are on campus. You never need to drive!
Lately around campus I have been seeing more and more areas that are being neglected due to no student workers. This is frustrating to me.
Not only am I jealous at the people who are granted more hours than me, but I am frustrated that people are not taking advantage of this financial opportunity.
Balancing work and school sounds difficult, but balancing a work study job is different. The employers here understand if you have to prioritize your school work and will try to work with that.
I look at the Eagles’ Nest for an example of a neglected area. Most people on campus have eaten there, but few are willing to work there.
Even with the piles of trash that they see building up in the trash cans, and the sign that says they have to close due to “no workers”, people just seem to complain rather than feel bad.
That is a place that would be fast-paced, but you would get a lot of hours, you would be near food (already winning there), and you would be respected by all those that enter the famous student dining room.

Avaerie Fitzgerald
Available jobs for students at AU are posted on CareerConnect. Students can apply, set interview times, post a resume and connect with outside employers as well.

With all of this being said, I just do not understand the hesitation to help yourself financially and try to create a proper balance between work and school. The real world is coming up real soon- a year or two away soon for some of you- and you need to gain the experience of working and following orders.
You need to get comfortable with managing a budget. You need to have jobs for your resume that don’t include that ice cream shop that you worked at in high school.
Now is your chance and the opportunities are practically falling at your feet.
On top of building your resume, if you feel you are making enough, there are ways you can start paying back loans!
How awesome is that?
Bringing down the interest rate on your loans seems like pointless work now, but your future self will thank you. You may even be able to invest your money too. The possibilities are truly endless.
There is no harm in trying to get into a good habit with money now, but there is harm waiting until later.
AU even has a Career Connect website that helps you find a suitable job for you! If you need help writing your resume and cover letter, go into to Career Services Center, ask a professor, or send your resume to [email protected] to be reviewed.
These are some of the first steps toward a more successful future and I truly hope you all take up the offer if you have the chance.