Business Spotlight: Eva’s Treats


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Eva’s Treats allows you to create your own dish with your choice of frozen yogurt and put your own toppings on it. This dish is made with salted caramel corn flavored yogurt, chocolate caramel turtle candies, crushed peanuts, and marshmallow cream.

Nate Powalie, Sports Columnist

It’s a hot summer afternoon on the campus of AU and students are flocking down to a popular frozen yogurt and custard shop.

Eva’s Treats, located at 601 Claremont Avenue, is about a five to ten-minute walk from the main campus. What Eva’s is most known for is their frozen yogurt and custard, while also serving flavored slushy drinks and ice cream with toppings, push popsicles, and even dog treats.

Summer hours for Eva’s go from 1:30 to 9 p.m. on weekdays, with fall hours being 2:30 to 8 p.m.

Eva’s just recently celebrated its sixth anniversary, but the new flavors and details are never-ending, with constant additions to bring in new customers, the shop is always looking for ways to add interest.

Every month, Eva’s draws a reward card from a random pile and the winner will automatically receive a $5 gift card.

Last week saw the arrival of new Brachiosaurus Dinosaur color changing spoons that will be available for a limited time. The spoons will change from white to pink.

The inspiration behind the name actually comes from the name of children.

“The name is based on the name of my three children: Emily, Vanessa, and Aaron,” co-owner Nancy Pauley said.

After the grand opening in 2013, Eva’s has intertwined itself as a part of the Ashland community. Not only will AU students come to visit, but residents will also stop by to pick up their favorite flavors of frozen yogurt or custard.

Recently, Eva’s was a supporter at the Ashland County Fair with the junior livestock sale, purchasing a steer.

Eva’s, however, is in a competition with Whit’s Frozen Custard to attract customers.

One of the children behind the name is actually a student herself at AU.

“Vanessa, who is a sophomore at AU, studies entrepreneurship and also works as a team manager for the women’s basketball team,” Pauley said.

The online website reviews tend to be pretty high for Eva’s with most ratings being close to the five-star area.

They also do orders to cater to the community with a new delivery truck and their first school order that went out to Hillsdale High School back on Aug. 14.

Eva’s tends to gravitate toward what the community suggests.

“We tend to gear the store to what the community likes and try to make it a friendly atmosphere inside our dessert shop,” Pauley said.

When a person goes to Eva’s, they can pick from multiple cup sizes to determine how much yogurt they want, as well as what flavor yogurts they want, such as seasonal pumpkin or Irish mint cream.

Every year, Eva’s partners with local events happening in the community, such as “The Big Splash” at Brookside Park’s pool, and “Cones With A Cop” in July.

Anyone who might be looking for a way to cool off on a hot summer day will find Eva’s Treats as a popular stop.