Ashland County Fair wraps up for the year

Brooke Young, Nik Demers, and Hannah Witteman

While strolling around the fair, which ran from Sept. 15-21, there were many different forms of entertainment and educational opportunities happening for the community. Among the forms of entertainment were animal barns, fair rides, vendors and fair food, hobbies and craft buildings, as well as musical stylings.

The most notable music event, however, came from Craig Morgan, a country music star, who performed on Tuesday evening.

The Ashland County Fair abounded with family fun and entertainment for people of all ages.

This was echoed by Wes Fliger, Ashland County Fair Board Member, who said, “[The fair] brings the community together. Just all aspects of farm and family, comes together here. Lots of friendship was made over the years.”

In addition to music entertainment, many of the days were themed, with Monday being “Veteran’s Day” and Wednesday, “Ladies Day”. On Friday, Sept. 20, “Youth Day” featured COSI along with a small car race to highlight what the fair offers for younger patrons.

There were also several barns packed with animals, many of whom were raised and shown by 4-H members.

Ashland County Fair holds “the best rabbit barn” in the State of Ohio. With vibrant red colors and in perfect condition, this new addition to the fair was made possible by private donors.

4-H member, Troy Weber (8) was enthusiastic to present his sheep, Fluffy, who he raised and showed for the Ashland County Fair.

Weber said his favorite part of the Ashland County fair was showing Fluffy, as he enthusiastically presented his animal.

His sister, Baylee Weber (14) spoke of the experience of showing her market hog and turkey during fair week.

“[My favorite part is] getting to meet new people and seeing old friends from last year,” she said.

The Weber’s are two of approximately 800 children who participate in the 4-H program each year.

The smiles and delight of children as they learned about and engaged with barnyard animals, the delectable fair food and overall agricultural and community-centered atmosphere of the Ashland County fair makes it easy to see the purpose behind the week.

“[The mission of the fair is to] bring families together and teach about agriculture,” said Fliger.

In its 168th year, the Ashland County Fair has done just that.

What makes the Ashland County fair stand out

The Ashland County fair was back in town again this week from Sunday, Sept. 15 to Saturday, Sept. 21 at the Ashland County Fairgrounds on Claremont Avenue.

There are multiple deals that the fair offers as well, such as membership tickets for Ashland residents and season passes for non-residents. Children 10 and under get in free.

Many different events such as live animal showings, contests, demonstrations and auctions take place throughout the week.

Nick Hissom from New London, enjoyed his experience with one of the races held.

“I did go to the motorcycle races, the dirtbike races and that was fun,” Hissom said.

Not only are there shows for everyone to enjoy, but the food is a big reason why some may go to this fair.

Sarah Otterbacher, a worker at her dad and uncle’s food trailer said, “I’m most excited about seeing kids try their first cotton candy or candy apples and then they get really excited- you kind of forget when you sell so many.”

The Ashland fair has something for every age, according to Otterbacher, and what stands out to some are the rides for the younger attendees.

“Wristbands for the little guys [to go on] the rides, those are always nicer instead of buying individual tickets,” Hissom said.

For people who might be interested in going to the next fair held at the fairgrounds, both Hissom and Otterbacher agree that the Ashland fair is different from some.

“It’s definitely family-friendly for the most part and they have good events”. Hissom said.

“There’s really good food, there are good rides, and then there are either really good concerts, or you know, tractor pulls or demo derbies for people to come to,” Otterbacher said, “There’s something for everybody.”

For more information about what events held in Ashland county please visit or for general questions regarding the fair, e-mail or call 419.289.0466.