One-Man Orchestra set to take Ashland stage


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The one-man orchestra, Noah Hoehn, will be performing at Redwood Hall at Ashland University on Saturday at 9 p.m.

Nate Powalie, Sports Columnist

Ashland University will be welcoming a new musical talent at 9 p.m. this Saturday in Redwood Hall. Normally when there is a performance coming to campus, it involves a band of two people or more, but this event will feature one-man orchestra performer, Noah Hoehn.

According to his website, Noah is “a fierce performer. His singular vision to unite the sounds of new blues and marimba pop is accomplished with an incomparable live looping system.”

His self-eponymous first album, “NOAH,” was released in April of 2015.

Hoehn’s fall tour features a stop at nine performance venues, with AU being the fourth location.

Hoehn has already performed at the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, the North Dakota State University Bison Block Party and St. Norbert College at this point.

Hoehn will be performing three times at the National Association for Campus Activities, or NACA for short, regional Showcase of Music, with the first being Oct. 3 in Arlington, Texas as a Central Showcase Alternate.

Writer for RIFT Kaleb Bronson describes Hoehn’s first album as “a picturesque view of a perplexing man’s mind. One might themselves in a transcendent state, a state of bewilderment, yet intrigue.”

The behind-the-scenes stuff is handled by CAB.

“Nicole Dyer, our leader, helps get in contact with musicians to bring them to AU, and we just help plan and decorate around it,” CAB co-chair Olivia Busse said.

The location of the event is Redwood Hall, 1005 King Road.

The Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota performance was special for Noah, as it was where his dad went to college.

In terms of talent, Noah is represented by the College Agency and more information can be found about them online at

This one-man orchestra will give AU students a chance to experience what it’s like to see a whole concert band performed with only one man standing out.