Morgan honors God and country during Ashland County Fair


Grace Scarberry

Country music star Craig Morgan thanking the military men and women during his song “Soldier”.

Grace Scarberry, Reporter

Country music star Craig Morgan, honored God, military personnel and law enforcement officers during his performance at the Ashland County Fair Tuesday night.

In the middle of his new song “Soldier,” Morgan invited each branch of the military as well as law enforcement officers to stand to thank and recognize them for their service as both, a flag on stage and a flag off to the side of the stage, fluttered in the breeze.

“I thought it was absolutely amazing that he took the time to recognize and support our troops and first responders,” Ashland Police Officer Kara Pearce said.

The crowd’s emotional movement continued with a song that, according to Morgan, was a hit that made him famous.

The entire crowd erupted into song as “That’s What I Love about Sunday” played throughout the fairgrounds, shortly followed by a new song he wrote about his faith after the death of his son, which made Morgan cry on stage as he sang.

Grace Scarberry
Members of the military and law enforcement officers stood up in the crowd at the Craig Morgan concert to be recognized for their service to the country.

“God and country music go hand in hand, and you could definitely feel God’s presence in a lot of his songs,” Megan Sellers, a fan of Morgan’s said. “I think it definitely hit every single one of my emotions overwhelmingly because of how his scenarios hit close to home. The way he describes his faith getting him through things is so inspirational.”

Morgan went on to tell a story to his audience about two military men that approached him in an airport wanting to write a song as they waited to be deployed to Afghanistan.

After their persistence, Morgan said he finally caved and wrote a song with them after the rangers looked at him and said “but we might not come back,” which made the audience erupt again with cheers and applause.

“Not very often do I feel patriotic while listening to music,” country music fan Kristin Kudla said. “Tonight I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes while thinking about what our service men and women have done for this country. It’s nice being reminded how great this country really is.”

Morgan played from 7-8:30 p.m. and shared many of his other popular songs in addition to the faithful and patriotic ones that emotionally moved the crowd. His next event will be held Sept. 21 in Kentucky while the Ashland County Fair will continue until Saturday.