Offensive or Awareness?

Sarah Yeaste, Contributor


September 11 is a day that will forever be remembered in American history. This is a day of loss and mourning for many people.

On September 11, AU’s Convocation Center released a dessert to bring remembrance to this day of sadness and loss; however, it missed the mark completely.

Convo created the “Twin Towers Cookie Bars” in their dessert arrangement. The dessert consisted of two thin cookie bars made to resemble a tower covered in red, white and blue frostings.

Although it is always good to bring awareness to days of loss, it seems very insensitive to reduce the day to a snack.

As someone who has a family member previously in the military during this time, it is almost making light of the entire day rather than having it be a day to remember those who lost their lives. Almost three thousand people lost their lives in the towers, not to mention those who died afterwards in the Global War on Terrorism, which my father was a part of.

To create a simple snack smeared carelessly with red, white and blue is insensitive and unkind.

Sarah Yeaste

I am very lucky that I did not lose any relatives in this terrorist attack, but there are people that are alive today that have, and to make it a snack is disrespectful to them as well as those who died.

There are many young people now who were born after the attack, and this just shows them that it was not and is not a big deal. This is not a joking matter.

Students would not want to see cookies dedicated to Hurricane Dorian victims because it is so new and terrible, but since the collapse of the towers was 18-years ago, somehow that makes it okay to make light of this horrid situation?

September 11 needs to be remembered by more than just some cookies. This day was a wake-up call to the power of terrorism, and we need to learn to remember it in other ways, like moments of silence for those that lost their lives and thanking those that helped rescue people from destruction.