Connection Conundrum

Mason Jones

The start of the new semester is exciting for every student as there are a lot of new things happening all around campus. New classes, roommates, classmates, dorms, etc.

Whether these changes are good or bad, it all depends on how the student handles it, but one change that is on every returning student’s mind has to be about the cable being cut in the dorms as well as the ethernet connection for wired internet connection.

A lot of people on campus aren’t that worried about the cable since most students use apps and websites such as Netflix and Hulu, but for the gamers out there on campus it is really frustrating that there is no longer a hard-wired connection.

For me, both the cut cable and ethernet connection is an issue. I have an Xbox One and a Nintendo Switch and now have to use the wireless connection which isn’t that great for my consoles, because I personally have always had problems with this type of connection here at AU. When I could use the ethernet cord, I had a better connection and fewer problems since there was little to no interruption on the wired front.

Mason Jones

I think all gamers could agree with this statement since most hardcore gamers would rather have a stable and strong connection through a wired cable instead of an unstable and shaky wireless conection.

The bottom line is that wired is better than wireless, especially when it comes to online gaming since the connection has to be stable and strong in order to keep the game going.

In terms of the cable cut, again this does not really seem to affect the students here at AU, but it is nice to have cable for some good reasons such as watching football and baseball games.

The Cleveland Browns are expected to have a fairly good season this year, so how are hardcore Cleveland fans here on campus, such as myself, going to watch the game? The last time I checked, a Hulu Live subscription was almost $50 a month. For a college student already down thousands of dollars in debt for loans, I believe it is best to avoid this option in order to keep debt from rising even more.

The cable in the dorms was free and that is a college student’s favorite word. Students would have to bring their own TV of course, but would not have to pay for anything else. Netflix and Hulu each have their payments that must be made each month in order to keep the subscription valid, but with the university cable, no payments were to be made at all.

The cable itself is just an added bonus in the dorm and it was cut off. A bonus taken away is never a good thing, but the university must have its reasons as well as future plans for TV viewing for the dorm. Maybe the cable and ethernet will return or maybe it will not. Only time will tell.