How to get involved with Group X

Mason Jones

For students who feel stressed out, bored or tired of doing the same thing over and over, it might be time for something new: Group X.

Group X is a Monday through Friday group exercise class that ranges from cycling, yoga, karate and more. Group X is taught by various Ashland University students who have a passion for getting fit for that specific class and want to express their passion with others.

“Group X is a really fun way to be active with people around you with a good support system with someone who can go to the gym with you and workout beside you,” said Kritsa Chauvin, assistant director of recreational services programs. “Classes include the refit and Zumba classes, which are dance-like exercises, yoga for relaxation, a core strengthening class and flexibility classes.”

All of these classes are in the AU Recreation Center and range from 45 minutes to an hour long. The Zumba classes are taught by Maggie George and Sam Gross, the yoga classes are taught by Sydney Beavers and Maykahla Gain and the refit classes are taught by Olivia Lowery.

“Classes like these are a great way to get all that pent up stress out and become comfortable working out alongside peers. These types of classes are not for everybody, meaning that not everyone is comfortable working out in groups, but those who do enjoy being in those classes thrive,” Chauvin said.

Not every student can abide with Group X’s schedule. There is more than one class that involves the exercises of cycling or Zumba, as they are the most common ones attended.

“I believe a student who is stressed out and needs to relieve some of that stress should certainly attend one of these classes so that they can really relax and spend time with their peers in an activity everyone can benefit from; getting fit,” Chauvin said.

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