GrubHub makes debut as AU’s new food ordering app


Chante Rutherford, Reporter

As students have settled into their dorms, the sight of posters showing a new food ordering app, GrubHub, are everywhere. This app known for its mobile food delivery, has bought out popular college ordering app, Tapingo, this past summer.

Over 150 college campuses used the app to make ordering and grabbing food easier, including Ashland students. Students and staff could use Tapingo to order food from Eagle’s Nest in the Student Center, and from Tuffy’s located in the Rec Center.

Many are confused whether both apps will be used or if there will be a huge shift to GrubHub.

“We received posters in the mail and no notice to the sudden change,” says Brian Carter, manager of Eagle’s Nest. “We had little time to get everything prepared before the students came.”

GrubHub made a press release at the end of May 2019 that they will be buying the company.

“Once the news came out, there was no type of communication from the end of May to two weeks before classes started,” says Frederick Geib, general manager of dining operations. “Ashland has used Tapingo since the 2015-2016 school year and it’s been great among the students.”

While students have been switching to GrubHub, others still have access to Tapingo. For some who have not changed over yet, the confusion is widely understood.

“Students will be confused. Some will be in this awkward place where Tapingo would work and then it would stop,” says Geib. “Like a random state of limbo.”

Recently, GrubHub sent out an email that explains the changes happening for future ordering. They also contained a small step-by-step guide to adding your card to use swipes. As you enter the app, hit the buttons dedicated to settings, and choose campus dining.

“If you can not log in still, come to either of us. We are glad to help,” says Carter.

Carter did mention that all workers in Eagle’s Nest are being trained in using GrubHub.
“If you can’t find one of us, go to any of the student workers.”

If you have any questions about this, email Brian Carter at [email protected] or Frederick Geib at [email protected]