Guest Ensemble Le Bon Bones at Ashland University features Dr. Scott Garlock in a Faculty Recital

Adie Goodyear

Ashland University’s Music Department hosted a Faculty Recital on Jan. 28 at 7:30 p.m. in the Elizabeth Pastor Recital Hall located in the center of the Arts building on the Ashland Campus.

The recital showcased Le Bon Bones, a professional group of trombone players and featured Dr. Scott Garlock, professor of Music at Ashland University. The selections were sixteenth century trombone pieces that ranged from the Renaissance era to the current millennium. The program consisted of fourteen songs by artists such as Mozart, Handel, and Giacomo Puccini.

Le Bon Bones kept the audience interested by constantly switching places, and Dr. Garlock let the audience know that “playing one part for the entire thing would be too much for [their] lips.” After the first change in scenery he warned the audience that they would be moving around to different parts all night.

In attendance was Ashland University political science major, Tori Staton who enjoyed the performance.

“The event was very good,” Staton said. “I enjoyed the music and I thought the performers sounded very well, both tonically and stylistically.”

The performers got interactive with the audience members, joking about how unprepared they appeared to be and promising the audience that they have rehearsed it before, making laughter fill the Recital Hall.

“I would highly recommend others to go see one of their performances, it was a great experience,” Staton said. “ I enjoyed the audience interactions. There was this professional setting to the recital, yet it allowed us, the patrons, to see the humanity in them.”

“[The members of the group] are all people that I’ve either taught or have played with for years and years,” Dr. Garlock said. “While it’s hard to get nine professional trombone players together, [we] would of course welcome the idea of performing again.”