History, Political Science and MAHG – John Moser


With Dr. David Foster taking a leave of absence, Dr. John Moser is the acting chair of the Department of History and Political Science, and also chair of the Master of Arts in American History and Government program.

Students can major in History, Political Science, Political Economy and International Political Studies, and minor in History, Political Science, Political Economy and Classical Civilizations.

“In our courses in history, political science and political economy, we emphasize two things,” Moser said. “One, seminar-style discussion; we very rarely engage in lecture; and two, primary sources-simply put, the most important ideas in the history of civilization.”

The Department of History and Political Science is one of the largest departments on campus. After graduation, students have worked in law, academia, politics, public policy, business, the armed forces, “you name it,” Moser said.

Moser is also the chair of Master of Arts in American History and Government, otherwise known as MAHG.

“It’s a graduate degree program aimed primarily at high school and middle school social studies teachers,” Moser said. “We offer week-long intensive seminars on campus during the summer, and online seminars year-round. Our online seminars are not typical online courses in that they are synchronous, with students participating in actual conversation via webcam. The faculty are distinguished academics, not only from Ashland but many other institutions across the country. The program has been around since 2005, and today there are more than 250 students pursuing MAHG degrees.”

Students who major or minor in History and/or Political Science can be a part of the Ashbrook Scholar Program.

The Ashbrook Program is a “rigorous and top-rated academic program for a select group of undergraduate students majoring or minoring in Political Science or History at Ashland University…and undertake a program of courses and activities that challenge their mettle and bring out the best qualities of their character. It is a rigorous program for serious, public-spirited students with a passion for civic leadership,” according to their website.

Ashbrook’s mission is to restore and strengthen the capacities of the American people for constitutional self-government. For students, “Ashbrook helps high school and undergraduate students understand why America is worthy of their study and love and equips students in our Ashbrook Scholar program to take leadership roles in our country’s civic life,” according to their website.

“We want you to engage the great thinkers of the past in a dialogue,” Moser said. “We would much rather students read original works by, for example, Aristotle, John Locke, Adam Smith, etc., than the works of historians or political scientists writing about those individuals.”