Huntington National Bank donates to Ashland University


Ashland University has accepted a $ 20,000 grant from Huntington National Bank, which will provide $2,000 for ten low-income students.

University President Carlos Campo gave a campus tour to Ashland Mayor Matt Miller, Huntington CEO Steve Steinour, Huntington regional President William Shivers as a return to their generous grant.

“The donation from Huntington National Bank occurred from four months ago. We have worked on this partnership for over two years. Huntington Bank is one of our bank partners so we have talked to them for quite some times to make this happen,” AU President Carlos Campo said.

Huntington Bank has supported Ashland students for more than three decades, eighty-eight percent of AU students receive some sort of gift aid from the bank in order to attend Ashland University.

“ I think it is quite a lot different compared with I was in China, there are very limited scholarships and compared with here it is extremely hard to apply. Once Ashland provides the financial aid, I decided to transfer here with no doubt,” AU freshman Kevin Peng said.

The scholarships will be awarded based on financial eligibility, and as a secondary preference will focus on business, finance, and accounting majors.

The Huntington National Bank scholarships are really open to anyone. However, the bank particular asks us to focus on these students who have low or mid-income. But we decide not to really strict with this to make the donation more valuable to the university. Carlos Campo said.

Ashland University has a long-term partnership with Huntington National Bank and will be continued in the future.

“Huntington National Bank and the University has been a partnership for quite some time, many of our banking functions are going through Huntington,” said Carlos Campo, “ and that is one of the reason that they want to help our students and we choose them as a partner as well. And we can expect that Huntington national bank will extend this offer in the future.”

With the increase of tuition in the future, the scholarship will definitely help students deal with their financial issues and attract more students to attend, he said.