Free lunch offered to International students at Lower Chapel


Free lunch is available every Tuesday for Chinese students by register at the lower chapel on campus from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Students can meet people from both campus and Ashland community. It is a great opportunity to help each other and share useful information.

Dolly Dong, the host of the event, provides all the raw material of food and cook with her daughter on Tuesday morning. Pork, fried chicken and beef are available in the lunch.

“I try to help the Chinese students here to meet people who care about them and experience the love from society. It is from Chinese church, in the beginning, I got a lot of help from the local church and the community,” Dong said.

Since religion activity is under the control of the government in China, students lack knowledge about it. Dolly will teach students how to pray before lunch in a Christian way, and students will share their Chinese knowledge with community members who come to help, she said.

“It is not only to help Chinese students to taste the food but also let them know the community is always caring about them,” Tina Tao, the officer of international service said.

Students can also practice their English speaking and all students come to help international students to review their homework.

“ For students who do not have American living background, we have problem studying core courses such as philosophy and history, so I appreciate the people who come and help our paperwork,” Chen, Freshman at Ashland University said.

Now free lunch is more than welcome to let more international and the community join in.

“ Here I meet more friends from local Ashland, also I share things I learned from China, now I really fell Ashland is home,” Chris, MED program student said.