Eagles for Pride banner on AU’s Day of Giving

Adie Goodyear

Ashland University held its annual Day of Giving on March 21, 2019. The Day of Giving is a 24-hour call to action, where students and the public have the opportunity to donate money to a group, organization, department, or college.

On the main page of the website, there was a drop-down menu, that listed the different college’s people could easily donate to; including the College of Education, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business and Economics, and the College of Nursing.

Eagles for Pride, an LGBTQ group on campus, somehow ended up onto the drop-down menu. When they were removed later that day, things started to spiral out of control.

Julia Swanson Hines, President of Eagles for Pride, talks about how the day went and why they were removed in the first place.

“Somebody from a higher position asked for us to be removed from the drop-down menu. That meant that nobody could visually donate to Eagles For Pride, but they could still donate to us by clicking the ‘other’ option and typing in Eagles For Pride” Hines said.

Eagles For Pride received all the money that was donated to them, and it is being held safely in a school account. Hines expresses how “absolutely amazing” and “unbelievable” their donations were.

“We still ended up receiving an amazing amount of donations. I think as of today it is over $5,000, which is absolutely incredible. I basically almost crying the entire day” Hines said.

The school had received backlash for the removal of the Eagles For Pride group from community members and fellow Ashland University students. People claimed it was due to negative feelings towards the group and what they stood for.

Swanson Hines explains that it is because they are a “proficiently chartered group” that they got taken off the drop-down menu.

“What we have been told, it is because we are a proficiently chartered group, and that they do not allow organizations to have their own drop down option. We have heard a lot of different things, and it depends on who you talk to” Swanson Hines said.

Eagles For Pride says that even though “the day was hectic” they are still grateful for all the support.

Priscilla Nordman, Secretary for Eagles For Pride, explains how “thankful they are” for the community.

“We’re just very grateful for what we got donated to us. We didn’t expect anything at all. Me and Julia were talking, and we were like if someone just donated $50 to us we would be ecstatic” Nordman said.

Eagles For Pride is thankful for all the support and donations they received during the 2019 Day of Giving. Nordman talked about all the people that helped make it possible and how they “weren’t expecting anything at all”.

“We weren’t expecting to be able to receive money at all, but a lot of the students, faculty, and alumni shared our story. They had seen it and latched onto it and was like, yeah let’s make this a thing” Nordman said.

Day of Giving was a success overall with over 727 individuals donating $53, 236 to multiple organizations according to the Ashland University website.

“We were so excited, and it was just the best day ever,” Nordman said.