Alcohol Rules

Hannah Witteman

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It’s no surprise to anyone that the drinking age is 21, however, Ashland University is a dry campus which does not allow alcohol on university grounds even if the student is 21 or older.

If any student is caught, they may have to attend a student conduct meeting and if found guilty, they can face a fine, probation, and community service work as punishment.

Many students believe that AU should change these rules to be more lenient on those who are legally able to drink. I personally agree with these students but I do believe that AU is just trying to look out for their students’ safety and well-being. With that being said, I am not 21, but I had the chance to talk to a couple of students that feel like the rules in place now need to change.

AU student Griffin Lusk explains that he understands why the university limits the amount of alcohol on campus but thinks that if people who are 21 do get caught with beverages like beer or wine that they should not be punished by the school since they won’t be punished by law.

He also states that if you do get caught with alcohol at AU, you will have to take a class online. Lusk thinks that if people are 21-years-old, they should not have to take that class because they are not legally doing anything wrong.

Derek Reynolds, a senior at AU, also agrees with Lusk. However, he points out that if rules do change that the students should be respectful to the school and to others if they participate in having booze. He believes that the drinks should be allowed to be kept in the rooms if a change is made.

Before Reynolds, I never would have thought about this. I feel like everyone is too quick to judge the basic idea of no alcohol in the dorms and most students don’t think about the ‘what if’s’. If AU does change their views on alcohol being in rooms with students who are 21 and have rules regarding where the alcohol is kept, then will people actually follow the rules? Or will it turn the campus into a rave 24/7?

Reynolds adds that there does have to rule in order to limit underage drinking and that students should only be able to have alcohol in the room if everyone who lives in the dorm room is 21.

Now, this won’t stop people from giving underage students alcohol but there really isn’t a way the school or law can stop underage drinking completely. I do think that if someone is caught providing alcohol to someone who is not of age, that person should get in trouble as well as the student who is taking the drink.

Senior Liz Bucci says she does understand why there are rules now, but because students who are in the senior apartments are allowed alcohol, it just makes people sneak around and participate in unsafe habits. However, if the school was less restrictive on the rules, the sneaking around would not be as big as it is now.

While these three students and I love and respect Ashland University and know that AU is just looking out for their students, we believe that it is time to make a change to the dry campus rule at AU for 21-year-olds.

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