Pit Bulls: Judged Unfairly

Adie Goodyear

Pit Bulls are being looked at in the wrong light. As far as I can remember, I have never owned an aggressive dog. I have owned dogs when I was little and they were always well behaved and never bit any person that came near them. However, I have been around many dogs that have been aggressive. A dog’s behavior is not by nature, but it is the atmosphere that they live in that changes their personality; and I believe that the Pit Bull breed has no exceptions.

Pit Bulls are used as fighting dogs. They are actually raised and taught to be mean. In fact, when you look at the most common breeds of dogs used as fighting dogs, most of them are a type of Pit Bull. According to a statement made by The Humane Society of the United States, ‘Breeders take advantage of Pit Bulls’ inherent loyalty to make them more aggressive with outsiders and other dogs.’

Their loyalty to their owners is an inherited trait that is used against them, and they are bred with bigger dogs to enhance the aggressiveness. Dogs are known as man’s best friend. They are loved by most people and is the number one top choice for pets. If humans love the dog species so much, then why are we leaving out one specific breed over things they cannot control?

A lot of my friends in high school had Pit Bulls and they were just big babies. The dogs loved to cuddle, have their bellies rubbed, and just be around people. Pit Bulls are natural born people pleasers. In fact, according to Pit Bull Rescue Central, “Pit Bulls were bred for fighting and bull and bear baiting. This does not, however, mean that fighting is the sole purpose of these breeds.”

They go on to say, “Greyhounds and Whippets were (and still are) bred for ‘coursing,’ chasing and killing small prey like rabbits, and squirrels. Like pit bulls, these dogs still make excellent family pets.”

We should not judge an animal species because of the reason they were or still are bred. An animal’s natural born personality is not to be destructive. And it is not humane to hold a certain species to higher standards, and if those standards are not met then the species is killed. That is just not right. Almost two-hundred Pit Bulls are killed every day in Los Angeles alone due to biting people trying to defend their owners. Most dogs that came out of the dogfighting lifestyle, already has that internal instinct to protect their owner at all costs, because that is how they were raised.

When Pit Bulls are training to be in fights they are forced to hang on a chain with meat attached to it by their mouth, forced to tread water in pools, and forced to run on treadmills while caged animals are dangled in front of them. Dogs who win fights, are forced to fight many times and are used to bred puppies. When dogs can no longer fight, lose fights, or refuse to fight, they are used as bait animals.

Dogs are not violent at birth. When they are raised in good, healthy environments, they are wonderful dogs. But when they are abused, tortured, and forced to live in such a harsh environment they can tend to be violent. It is not their personality, but how they were raised. When those fighting dogs escape or are sold they hold the possibility to attack because they were raised to protect their owner at all costs. Their inherited loyalty is used against them and it has made people turn their backs to their breed.

Pit Bulls are looked at in the wrong light, and it is time that we stand up for the Pit Bulls and help them regain people’s trust and rebuild their reputation. It is not the dogs who are evil, but it is the dog fighting trainers who are evil.