Life and legacy in wake of loss:

Elizabeth Pastor Remembrance Ceremony, February 3



She was passionate, she was free-spirited, she was an inspiration. She was Elizabeth Pastor.

Elizabeth Pastor was a former music department chair and piano teacher at Ashland University who recently passed away, and her life and legacy is being remembered by Ashland community members as well as university alumni, faculty and students.

“There’s no one like her,” Tricia Applegate, coordinator of performing arts publicity and events said. “Her passion for the arts was contagious.”

Pastor’s obituary in the Times-Gazette states that she passed away in her home on November 3, 2018, at the age of 92.

The university is hosting a memorial service for Pastor being held on February 3 beginning with a reception in the Center for the Arts Gallery, followed by the sharing of memories in the Elizabeth Pastor Recital Hall.

“It’s about remembering her life and what she achieved,” Thomas Reed, Professor of Music and Chair of the Departments of Music and Theatre, said. “The goal is to allow people who know her to come together and share fond memories of her.”

Deb Logan, a former student and colleague of Pastor, said this closure is in a place Pastor loved. “She was always so good at helping you connect life and music without realizing it,” Logan said.

The memories shared will be from family members, community members and former students of Pastor, as well as those from other lives she touched.

“She was real passionate as a teacher,” Reed said. “She was demanding and a little unpredictable, but she always pushed the students to play music beautifully rather than play it perfectly.”

The pastor was an artist and a musician who drew a number of students to the program at Ashland University.

A lot of students came here because they met her, or because her personality attracted them to come here, Reed said. Elizabeth Pastor was one of those people who “passed on a lot of the joy of living to her students.”

Not only did Pastor encourage and teach students, but also her colleagues of the Music Department.

“[She was] a wonderful mentor and a supporter of everything I did,” Applegate said. “At one point I was going through a situation in my personal life and she dropped off a note she had written and a card at my house and I still have it to this day…to have someone like that believing in you just means so much.”

The pastor was seen by her colleagues as a unique member of the department who had a free spirit and was one of a kind.

“She was an amazing person, very passionate, a fantastic musician, very irreverent, didn’t believe in doing what everyone thought you should do. She did what she believed was the right thing. She was great fun to hang out with… a very brilliant person and a remarkable person,” Reed said.

Elizabeth Pastor – a musician, an artist, a mentor and a friend – holds a special place in the hearts of those on and off the Ashland University campus. Her legacy and lifestyle was a reflection of her passion for the arts.

“Her enthusiasm for music and her quirky artistic personality added to the fun of it,” said Logan. “She loved life and she loved to laugh, she was lovingly outspoken and completely unforgettable.”

The upcoming memorial aims to allow others to share about the life of a woman who was passionate, iconic and inspiring, Applegate said.

“You just knew… that she was an artist.”