Ashland University to designate POW chair

Paul Murray, Reporter

On Saturday Nov.10, Ashland University football team designated a permanently unoccupied seat in Jack Miller Stadium to honor military personnel who were prisoners of war and those who were missing in action

The team and athletic department held a public ceremony at halftime to commemorate those who had been lost. The entire stadium took a moment of silence as the chair was revealed.

“This chair will serve as a reminder to all students of the sacrifices made by these brave men and women who answered our nation’s call and served the cause of freedom in a special way.” said Randy Spade, director of veteran Services at Ashland University.

Ashland University’s veteran services plan to continue to make efforts to honor those who have served as well as their help veterans get their education.

“I thought the service went well, it was good to remember those who have fought and sacrificed for our country. Said Travis Moore, football player at Ashland University.

Anyone desiring addition information about the Veteran Services Office at Ashland University or with questions should contact spade at 419.207.6478 or at [email protected]