On or off campus- meal plan is the way to go!

Samantha Didion

Nothing can compare to that feeling when you walk through those two beautiful sets of glass doors and go right up to a welcoming smile of one of the convo workers.

The smell of freshly cooked food flooding your nose from almost every direction, unlimited amounts just sitting there at your fingertips.  And the best part is being able to sit there with your friends; laughing and eating to your heart’s content.

For me, Convo and the Eagle’s Nest has always been a place where I know friends will be at to sit back and relax while getting some work done or bonding with the track team after practices.

Even when living off campus, still having a meal plan is something very crucial to me. It gives me time to get done what I need to get done and is well worth the money. My uncle always says that college students are the poorest people so it can make budgeting your money a lot easier.

Instead of having to split your income or allowance, it is already done for you. You do not have to worry about starving on Ramen till the end of the week or begging friends for a few dollars for a slice of pizza. Everything is laid out for you.

Whether you are on a full ride scholarship, have a few sponsors covering your back or living off of student loans, you may be able to fund your meal plan without using a dime of your money. Meal plans are typically covered under room and board, so if your financial aid extends to those expenses, you could be in luck.

Paying for a meal plan allows students to not have to worry about having enough cash for them to get through the semester. Students do not have to think about the fluctuating costs of groceries or how to get to the store to buy food. Once your meal plan is paid for, you are all set for the upcoming semester, and you can enjoy a variety of foods that are consistently prepared for you.

When in a crunch for a quick meal, the closest option that does not involve campus food would be fast food which does not have nearly as many healthy choices as a place, like say convo does.

Since I am heavily involved with sports and my major here at AU, it would be nearly impossible for me to find time to go back to my house or apartment to make a meal or to even have a set meal prep for the week.

Meal plans work for students who are on campus the most. These are the students who eat every meal in the cafeterias, including on the weekends. It is basically a guarantee that you will be covered for every food need you can think of.

But your schedule does not always work out like you hope it would and soon you find that you have no time to go sit down and eat. This is where Tapingo steps in.

Tapingo has also always been a lifesaver with my busy schedule, if I only have 15 minutes before my next class then I just order some food to pick up on the way. Not too hungry but still need a little something to keep you going? Stop by Eagle’s Nest and grab a quick bag of chips or fruit cup using your swipe!

Since the food is served buffet-style in convo it really makes up for the cost. One swipe allows you to eat as much as you can while you are there. If you are an athlete or just have a big appetite, this may be extremely beneficial to you. Also, you are welcome to stay as long as you like– so break out the homework and when you are hungry again, go back for more.