Hurricane Florence delays Faith and Society Lecture

Avaerie Fitzgerald

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Dr. Mark Yarhouse, previously set to speak on Sept. 13 for the Faith and Society Lecture event at Hugo Young Theatre, had to postpone due to Hurricane Florence.

“The Faith and Society lecture with Dr. Mark Yarhouse has been postponed due to the fact he lives in Va. Beach and the hurricane is expected to hit there on Thursday,” said Dr. Mark Hamilton, who helps with organizing the event. “Dr. Yarhouse does not want to be away from his family when the hurricane hits and he is concerned that if he comes to Ashland at this time he could be stranded from home for a while.”

Yarhouse currently teaches at Regent University in Virginia as a psychology professor and also is chair of the task force on LGBT issues for Division 36 (Psychology of Religion and Spirituality) of the American Psychological Association.

His speech will be on the topic of “Listening to Sexual Minorities: A Study of Faith and Sexuality on Christian College Campuses.”

Through his years of explaining the topic of sexual identity to Christian campuses, Yarhouse chaired a symposium that set out to bring both Christian psychologists and gay psychologists together in order to find common ground on options for treatment aimed at those who are struggling with religious and sexual conflict.

On top of being a professor and a public speaker, Yarhouse also writes books and has written and contributed to over 80 journal articles on topics related to sexuality and diversity.

His most recent book is titled, “Listening to Sexual Minorities: A Study of Faith and Sexual Identity on Christian College Campuses.”

“Dr. Yarhouse’s latest book surveys the ways that various Christian Universities are relating to homosexual groups and organizations on their campuses,” Hamilton said.

The lecture has not been rescheduled yet but will be soon, he said.

“We have not yet been able to find a compatible date to reschedule this event but we are working on doing so,” Hamilton said.

Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.