Student Spotlight: Nathan Langdon


Nathan commutes from the outer part of Ashland. When he is not in class, he spends most of his time editing with his equipment.

Bree Gannon

A student who thought he knew everything about video aesthetics, realized he entered a program where there was room for growth and improvement.

Nathan Langdon, a pretty knowledgeable incoming freshman, came to learn more about video editing but knew that he was not one of the top editors in the Digital Media Department at Ashland University.

“Going in to the program, I was stuck up and thought I knew everything already,” Langdon said. “I quickly realized there is a lot to learn.”

Langdon learned a lot about editing at Ashland High School and tested the waters with his projects. The projects helped him realize that he wanted to further his video production education.

“I knew I wanted to do this going into the video production program at AHS but I wanted to make sure,” Langdon said. “After doing some of our larger projects such as a lyric video and commercials in an environment where we had the programs and things necessary, I figured it was something I wanted to do in the future.”

He even had a favorite teacher in high school, Mr. Bradford Carr, who taught him the basics and told Langdon about what to expect in the journalism and broadcasting field from his own experiences. After that, he continued to learn more from Carr until he graduated from AHS.

Even during the most difficult of projects during his time at AHS, Langdon still found his love and joy for editing and producing videos.

“I did a lot of bad projects and you have to milk those for all they are worth because you can always learn from them to make yourself better,” Langdon said.

When starting classes at Ashland University, he carried on advice from Carr that he reminded himself of every time he started a new project.

“I think the best piece of advice that [Carr] gave me was don’t settle and always keep trying to get better,” Langdon said. “Don’t feel comfortable where you are because you can always improve, there is always something to improve and build upon. There is always something more you can learn.”

Langdon has reached for the stars when it comes to his abilities with editing and has looked into what he wants to improve on by the end of his freshman year.

“In the spring when I take more video classes I want to start making larger projects,” Langdon said. “What I try to do is do something I have never done before and present myself with a problem, whether its a concept of fact, I try my best to do it even though I currently do not know how too.”

Langdon says by following that method, it is how he learns to achieve the use of the effects he commonly uses. He also forces himself to do something different in every video which pushes him to make better content.

Landon’s first big college project was a music video he made for the JDM 133 class, Video Aesthetics. He made a video along to the song Everything Black by Unlike Pluto and it turned out to be a absurdist comedy.

“I added different levels of unnecessary story to it and it was to make the idea of it weird and random,” Langdon said. “It follows the character battling with anxiety in a unique way.”

Langdon has a while ahead of him before he is ready to venture out into the world and pursue a career in video production but it has not stopped him from thinking about it.

“Some things I am interested in, I would want to try and incorporate my knowledge of fine arts, which is my second major, into my videos,” Langdon said. “I might want to start looking at motion graphics, visual effects or maybe a concept artist or I might want to go more toward video.”

Langdon’s vast knowledge of video effects and editing has led him to start a YouTube channel where he posts all of his videos and tutorials on.

“Often times when I make a new video I’ll post it and whatever new techniques are in there I do a tutorial on them,” Langdon said. “The idea is that the channel is meant to portray the idea that we are all learning, even if I am teaching anyone that is watching the video, I’m still learning as I am teaching you.”

To find Langdon’s music videos, projects and tutorials you can visit his page KrossKhaos on